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  1. So who's signed up to www.paramorefans.com/boards ? If not, you should! Join up and chat to fellow Paramore fans about all things Paramore.

    1. Hayley246


      hehe.. this paramorefanclub was so owesome...

  2. One day left to follow @Ross_mfc91 before he leaves for the first dayOn the tour! Follow him and his UK tour diary and don't miss out!

  3. Check out @yelyahwilliams performing Airplanes with @bobatl tonight in Nashville. So awesome!!

  4. RT @yelyahwilliams: Attention everyone!!! We were given the wrong time for the live feed. It's actually 8:45pm PST. Please RT!!!

  5. RT @SpinnerTweet: Watch Tegan and Sara interview Hayley Williams! http://bit.ly/cympOu

  6. VMA nominations are up! @yelyahwilliams and @bobatl got four and @paramore got one for Best Rock Video! http://at.mtv.com/ONH

  7. Great interview. RT @teganandsara: Um... @yelyahwilliams and T+S backstage gabbing. Too funny: http://bit.ly/9DXFFh

  8. Amazing. Hard to believe it's been 5 years. RT @xgabigailx: Happy 5th Birthday AWKIF http://i29.tinypic.com/4lkmtz.gif #paramore #awkif

  9. WOO HOO!! RT @paramore: The 2010 Honda Civic Tour starts tonight with Paramore, Tegan and Sara, New Found Glory and Kadawatha! #HCT


    #FF - and finally, of course, follow the band behind it all - @yelyahwilliams, @schzimmydeanie, @zacfarro and @itstayloryall!

  11. Go #NED! #WorldCup RT @Tessa_vR: @paramorefans shout out to me 2? :D btw, paramore is pretty big in Holland! come back soon!!

  12. paramorefans

    New Board Tutorial

    http:// Welcome to Paramore Fans 2.0! As you can see, there are a lot of changes. We are hoping to make this less confusing to adjust to by providing a few tutorials on how main parts of the board work. Board Header: Board Index: Board Footer: Sidebar (order of appearance can change): Profile View: Topic View: Bottom of Topic View: Gallery Album View: Gallery Image View: Gallery Image Upload View: Gallery Video Upload View: If you see any part of the board that you are unsure of how to use, reply and we will make a visual tutorial explaining how it works. IP.Board is the best forum software around, and is FULL of very fun features. Explore and try them out as you please. This is the first phase of changes. We hope to add many more fun things to the forums in the coming weeks. We worked very hard to bring you all the very best we could. When you can, take the time to personally thank Brent (thebrowncoat) for funding this conversion, and congratulate him for getting his account working again! Also give a pat on the back to all moderators for keeping this community running smoothly, and continuing to do so. Without them, PF would be a mess. Thank you all for sticking with us this long. Here's to many years of more fun Paramore discussions!