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  1. Para-RIOT!

    Avril Lavigne part 2

    Hey guys. Call me crazy. But I'm a bit concerned about Avril atm. She just nixed a tour of the United States. And there's lots of speculation that her music career is coming to an end. Do you guys think there would be any way for Avril to make a comeback and save her career? Why or why not? I'm interested in hearing what everyone has to say. I just want to do some soul-searching and get to the bottom of Avril's massive loss of success this past year.
  2. Para-RIOT!

    Avril Lavigne part 2

    I don't know if you guys have seen it or not. But you go on any Avril fansites, there's been a lot of in-fighting among her fans. There are fans who criticize Avril for not maturing, not doing enough for Goodbye Lullaby, not improving her image, not advancing her music, etc. This and that. I've never seen fans on one site so discontent with their own favorite artist. If Avril doesn't have her fans anymore, what else does she have left?
  3. Para-RIOT!

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess I sometimes hate the summer because it's so friggin' HOT.
  4. How about "What is the coolest thing a fan has ever said to you in person?"
  5. Para-RIOT!

    New EP Due This Summer

    I'm stoked.
  6. Will Monster be released as a single from the soundtrack? If so, I think it will be awesome. Remember how Linkin Park released New Divide from the last Transformers movie soundtrack? Epic.
  7. Para-RIOT!

    Your Favorite Paramore Song

    I can't get enough of When It Rains.
  8. Para-RIOT!

    I'm back

    Welcome back!
  9. Para-RIOT!

    Avril Lavigne part 2

    Perhaps I used "the shaft" in the wrong context. RCA actually delayed the release of Bionic. So when Bionic was released, people slammed Christina for copying Lady Gaga. Both Avril and Christina are in the same position. It's uncertain whether or not they will be able to make a comeback. As one Avril fan has stated: "RCA are fucking up careers".
  10. Para-RIOT!

    Avril Lavigne part 2

    I completely agree with you. Except for Lava. Her record label is actually RCA, who also gave Christina Aguilera the shaft. Anyway, I do have some resentment toward Avril for The Best Damn Thing. That turned off a lot of fans, and they never came back to her. Plus, RCA wanted her to make another album like that. She refused and they delayed Goodbye Lullaby until she recorded What The Hell and Smile. Hence her 4-year break from music. Now with What The Hell and Smile released as singles, people must be thinking that her new album is just another bratty, immature showcase. As a result, the Goodbye Lullaby era for Avril has become a jumbled mess. So there are three things to blame: 1) Avril for making a crap album like The Best Damn Thing 2) RCA for delaying her new album and making her record What The Hell and Smile as singles 3) Her fans for being unloyal, moving on, and never coming back to her
  11. Para-RIOT!

    Avril Lavigne part 2

    Hey everyone. As you guys could tell from my avatar, I love both Avril and Taylor. I don't know how many casual Avril fans are on this forum. But as a huge Avril fan, I was wondering if I could ask any Avril fans here for their take on Avril's career. Avril's new album, Goodbye Lullaby, hasn't been selling well. Plus, her world tour is now up in the air. Many of Avril's fans left her after she had released The Best Damn Thing. But Goodbye Lullaby was designed to win back her old fans. Also, What The Hell was supposed to appeal to teens and tweens. Unfortunately, it seems like Avril's fans have moved on. And much of the younger crowd is busy listening to Paramore and TayTay. And adult music listeners will never take her seriously. I feel that Avril's fanbase has greatly dwindled, and that she is now facing a decline in relevance in popular music. On the other hand, other female artists like Britney are still going strong. What do you think is the cause of Avril's disappointing album sales? Why do you think Avril is struggling while other female artists are doing better? Do you think Avril can make any kind of comeback from this commercial slump? Do you think Avril is well on the way to fading into obscurity? Thanks for listening, guys.
  12. Hey guys. I don’t know if I told all you Parawhores this. But not only am I a big Paramore fan, I’m also a big U2 fan. I belong to a U2 fan forum called Interference. At one point, one of the threads on the forum actually had a rather long discussion on Paramore. In this particular thread, a bunch of U2 fans took turns bashing Paramore and their cover of Sunday Bloody Sundy. They even dismiss Paramore as being “emoâ€. Here is that thread- http://u2.interference.com/f189/emo-band-paramore-covers-sunday-bloody-sunday-191772.html Of all the remarks posted on this specific thread, the most scathing comments that stood out to me are the following- “I think they should cease making music.†“Disgusting and shithouse†“I really dislike this cover.†“Annoying accent, and they all have the same haircut... PHAIL!!!!! dos every emo band think they get credibility by covering this?†“WOW...I never really knew how bad Paramore was until now. Not a good cover at all.†“I'd say they're more of a Scene band than an Emo band.†“They are a pop band, like Mcfly, Scouting For Girls, Rascall Flats, No Doubt, Panic At The Disco and Avril Lavinge and some of Maroon 5's, Linkin Park, Hoobastank and Fall Out Boy's stuff. If they were real rock stars they would more stylistic and emotional in their delivery and they wouldn't try to iron out all their flaws. They think perfection is more important than being emotional. Plus her voice is just ordinary, similar vein to Toni Braxton type voice where it's got some quality and some people love it, but she doesn't overpower a pop song like someone who has an unusual voice (like Alanness Morressette) or a great voice would. But then for RnB voices you do need really great voices or very unsual timbres (rather than just a pretty sweet voice or a slightly grating voice like Rihanna).†What do you guys think of all these U2 fans’ putdowns of Paramore? How would you guys respond to their overwhelming condemnation of Hayley and the boys?
  13. Para-RIOT!

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess that I LOVE pro-wrestling.
  14. Para-RIOT!

    Rant Thread - Part 5

    I hate it how people bash the kind of things you like. And when you try to defend your tastes to those people, they say "Tell someone who cares". Well, if you don't care about what I have to say in response, why are you opening your big mouth to bash me in the first place?
  15. Para-RIOT!


    @Wildman and 777: You're both very talented. I can only draw circles and squares.