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  1. kerrie

    Paramore Singles Club

    (It's been such a long time since I posted here) but I'm excited about this! Got just the singles only.
  2. kerrie

    No Doubt Summer Tour

    june 10- va beach excited, and that's the month I graduate.
  3. kerrie

    The SPAM Thread part 12

    sorry im leaving now, cant stay up any longer. D:
  4. reaaally tired and got to get up in 5 hours.
  5. kerrie

    The Olympic Games 2008, Beijing:)

    wow thats cool, my city isnt big enough to host something like this and I like your ava btw.
  6. kerrie

    The Olympic Games 2008, Beijing:)

    nastia was on the tonite show last night. she's pretty all made up.
  7. kerrie


    ugh omg less than a week, SO not ready
  8. kerrie

    how's the weather where you live, part 2

    cooler and rainy..sorta
  9. kerrie

    Last Thing You Ate - Part 2

    choco chip muffin
  10. kerrie

    Last Thing You Drank - Part 2

    deer park bottled water that is.
  11. kerrie

    What Are The Other Windows You Have Up?

    itunes and my images folder.
  12. kerrie

    Special post!

    10k omfg ahdjkhafkhfkjsaf I remember the first person here to hit 10k, it was excited and finally I made it haha.
  13. kerrie

    HAPPY Thread!!

    final riot tomorrow...ahhh
  14. kerrie

    The SPAM Thread part 12

    lmao I wonder why...j/k im good, tired and about to head out of here early (for once)
  15. kerrie

    Last song played on your iPod/MP3 player

    green day- teenage labotomy & blitzkrieg bop (cover)