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  1. paramother


    Great, thanks. I would get great mother "brownie points" if I managed to get that hoodie for my daughter!
  2. paramother


    Hi Catieo4o5 Yeah I have looked at others but prefer that one. I will hold out a bit longer to see if I can get hold of it. Thanks.
  3. paramother


    Hi Akijira. I have tried ebay and Amazon and any other site on the internet but no luck. I contacted the site where I first saw it and they say it might come back in stock and to keep looking but so far no luck. I would even consider a second hand one if it was in good condition. I attach a link here if anyone wants to look at it (maybe if there was enough demand for it they might re-stock it sooner!). Cut and past the link into the address line. http://store.paramore.net/store/show/61165. Thanks for your response/
  4. paramother


    Hi Paramore Fans,I am the mother of a Paramore fan and I would love to buy the "That's what you get" hoodie for her birthday but it is out of stock (it has the title of the song and "Paramore" written all over it and has a red zipper. She would absolutely adore this. She is a small size but would wear medium also (she likes clothes too big). Can anyone help? Desperate Mother