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  1. 'AFTERGLOW' - @CHVRCHES @laurenevemay @Iain_A_Cook @doksan https://t.co/cepIxpBArv

  2. Omg going to Thailand in less than a month and I can’t wait to eat pad Thai for breakfast lunch and dinner fight me

  3. Happy pride forever tbh

  4. https://t.co/s21KAsZG7d

  5. RT @AbelandCole: We can't wait for #WakeUpToOrganic - come find us and @rebel_kitchen in Brighton, London and Newcastle on Wednesday mornin…

  6. When you see the chicken man bring it a fresh batch at KFC before you place your order https://t.co/LOKLeZx01A

  7. RT @ddlovato: Poot is locked up. She’s allergic to sunlight. https://t.co/NCOUU2btBI

  8. Can someone recommend some sad music for me k thx I wanna be emo

  9. @Madison_Keys @rolandgarros @GarbiMuguruza @MariaSharapova @Simona_Halep LOOOOOOOL again, proving why you’re my all time fav

  10. RT @2soulsonfire: Katy Perry attempting to crowdsurf at a festival in 2008. https://t.co/scSgQRp1ht

  11. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes, you know?

  12. Fav off ‘Love Is Dead’ and so good live!

  13. Looks like I'm seeing @CHVRCHES again tomorrow! https://t.co/tIVjInkgVH

  14. Why is it not pay day yet