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  1. So i started browsing on my ig feed and saw some peeps posting posing inside the national musuem...uhm yun ba tlga pinunta mo dun?ehehe okay

  2. @froiendaya Haha i know right. Sorry!✌

  3. Hirap pag may health problem. Any advice

  4. Pumasok. Umuwi. Masama ang pakiramdam. Bow.

  5. Everyone is getting preggy nowadays. Whats up with the weather?

  6. Ang daming maganda lalabas na laro this year for ps4. Where's my money? Hahaha

  7. @happykathyyay The fuck is happening

  8. Finally getting my 3rd ink

  9. I dont know why im still awake. Work tom is at 8am haha goodluck

  10. Im sick and alone. Im fucked.

  11. @IAmGuammer @tinadriellecruz @geloadina @lovenexmagic @Alexistuers @katrinajlo @dicksonbonus @genicastacruz… https://t.co/DrxHXLHRsn

  12. Is this how people gives compliment nowadays? Nag effort na nga ako gumawa ng tatlong food pan ng lasagna para sa lahat eh.

  13. Am at the gym and thinking what to eat for dinner already. Is that normal? Haha.

  14. Armbands continues....