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  1. Stephy

    First Impressions - brand new eyes

    I love the album, except I still can't find a liking to Misguided Ghosts, it is so boring.
  2. Stephy

    Paramore play Soundwave Festival

    I'll be at the Melb Soundwave Pumped for Paramore, last time they were here it was 07', slackers! Fingers crossed for an AA side show. 18+ and i'll be spewin
  3. Stephy

    Hot People Thread - Part 2

    ^ Gaspard in your av, damn he is fiiine.
  4. Stephy


    Hey Alex, I'm Steph Seeing them on the 21st? wicked. Should be great! Gotta say i love AWKIF as well & yay for a FYS fan
  5. Stephy

    What was your first album?

    Simple Plan 'No helmets, no pads, just balls'
  6. Stephy

    Infamous Spam Thread - Part 16

    ^ Thats pretty damn tragic. tissue?
  7. Stephy

    The Last Thing You Googled?

    Taylor Momsen
  8. Stephy

    The Infamous Spam Thread - Part 15

    Hellooo out thereeee anyone home? ;D
  9. Stephy


    Love them' can't go to their show here in october though D;
  10. Stephy

    The Person Above You Game - Part 8

    is from nz! wicked
  11. Stephy

    Harry Potter

    yeah or they might empathize on Harry birthday
  12. Stephy

    The Hangover

    Yeah they do that with most movies
  13. Stephy

    Harry Potter

    t'was a good movie, but its hard not to compare it to the movie lol.. OH AND you're right! they didn't really explain on the half blood prince thing, they skipped the flash backs (i think there were flashbacks?)