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    arcadence band

    check out my friends band please and give it a like https://www.facebook.com/arcadenceband if you like paramore you might like them there pop/rock with a female singer from Orlando FL area
  2. when i log into this using facebook instead if there a way to change to a screen name so it doesnt post my real name? or do i have to make an an account and not log into facebook
  3. xBazingaDudex

    Ain't It Fun Music Video

    they use a new version on the music video its different than the album version
  4. xBazingaDudex

    Ain't It Fun Music Video

    Hayley wrote something on twitter the other day like lets get Still Into You to 47 million views before Aint It Fun video comes out so that makes me guess that it coming soon if she said that
  5. xBazingaDudex

    hayley and chad rumor

    sorry if this not apropriate to post but there a rumor going around that hayley and chad broke up or i herd a lot of people been asking just because she stoped following him on twitter
  6. xBazingaDudex

    hayley and chad rumor

    the funny thing is she just posted about chad yesterday lol
  7. xBazingaDudex

    Ain't It Fun Music Video

    yeah that what i thought i mean they said Jan but i dont think they like said that like they were saying that set it stone or anything so idk i just been paiently waiting to see it and i want a new single already lol im getting tired of still into you and i think aint it fun is a better more awesome song
  8. xBazingaDudex

    Ain't It Fun Music Video

    I herd it was suppose to come out this month(Jan) and since there only like this week left will we see it anytime this week?
  9. xBazingaDudex

    Paramore on the voice

    Great news paramore will be performing on the voice Tomorrow but the best news is it wont be still into you finally they get to play a different song on tv!!!!!
  10. xBazingaDudex

    Is Paramore A Christian Band?

    they have positive lyrics and a lot of songs that reflect there faith. I mean being christian isnt saying jesus this jesus that or singing jesus this jesus that in your lyrics just about how you your personal life is with god and how it reflects with who are you are on stage and off stage. I mean a lot of bands have christians in it and might act christian but they dont label themselves a christian band because there lyrics arent jesus this jesus that and your lyrics dont have to be like that to be christian its about being able to reach people and touch them with your music. Because as christians we want to reach people and give them a positive message so if all you sing was jesus i love you songs and you want to give non christians also a positive message that not gonna help them. I just love paramore because there positive and uplifting band and doesnt use vulgarity in anything they do and i know when i go see them i wont expect to be offended. They all have there own personal faith with God and things like that but i think Josh and Zac were the most christian members if that make sense and pushed them more into it when they were in it. Like on warped tour back in the day they did bible study with other bands and things like that. I think now they dont really focus on it as much as they use to plus there faith is personal to them and that fine I think if you asked them they would say yes were christians yes we believe in God yes we have faith It Just some bands and people dont feel the need to try to shove it down anyone throat. Not about them being ashamed or don't want to be label this or that it just they dont want to shove down anyone throat i bet if you met them and said are you guys christian i dont think they would be ashamed or try to deny it.
  11. xBazingaDudex

    meet and greet rumors

    I am hearing rumors that the meet and greet winners have been announced already for the whole tour and my shows not till next month I just find it hard to believe that every single winner for every show was announced or emailed whatever they do before the whole tour even starts because previous tours people didnt get announced like till 2 or 3 weeks before there concert date at the earliest and sometimes not till few days before so idk what to believe or not to believe i am content if i didnt win i just want to know if its been offically announced or anything like that
  12. xBazingaDudex

    unfair trivia question

    they asked for a fuse channel trivia question to win meet and greet for the orlando show what was paramore 1st tv performance and they said the answer was fuse channels the sauce and that wrong technically there 1st one was fearless music because they said they show it on tv In NY and at college so techincally that there 1st one they didnt specify and say first national so that unfair
  13. xBazingaDudex

    meet and greet rumors

    yeah i havent seen them live yet but ive liked them for a long time so it will be good. also there few people who said they got there meet and greet like 2 or 3 days before the show they went to so that why i dont believe they been all handed out yet but if they had oh well like ether i win or i loose im not gonna cry over it or skip the concert if i loose i mean i know how many people enter in each show so i know its like a big chance to win
  14. xBazingaDudex

    meet and greet rumors

    chris you seeing tonight alive also me to im seeing them on sunday!!!!
  15. xBazingaDudex

    meet and greet rumors

    Chris i wasnt trying to call to see if i won i was just calling to make sure that they werent like given out already and stuff because people were going around saying oh they all been handed out im 100 percent sure i got sources blah blah so i just wanted to hear it straight from the correct person i dont like hearing rumors plus i had a more important question for them why i called also
  16. xBazingaDudex

    meet and greet rumors

    chris i talk to a lady named haley something and i was on the phone with her for a while and another lady i didnt catch her name told me the same thing i called twice the 2nd lady named haley stayed on the phone with me for a while she even looked it up and said like my concert is nov 5th i told her and she like no they havent been picked yet and she even looked it up because i was waiting on the phone or awhile i dont think the whole tour was announced i mean maybe things changed idk maybe they tried 2 do them all before the tour and couldnt idk plus there people saying they won like few days before there show and not whenever someone said all the winners were picked so wait and see
  17. xBazingaDudex

    meet and greet rumors

    I called the management company that does the meet and greet for paramore and they said they havent been all handed out yet there gonna hand them out most likely like a week or 2 before each show they said they asked me what date im going to i said NOV 5th Orlando FL one and she like no that one hasent been handed out yet and any twitter account or rumors you herd arent true only trust us plus someone from like the 2nd show of the tour i think it was said they didnt get there till like a day or 2 or 3 before the show so i think something must of changed
  18. xBazingaDudex


    hey i might go on this cruise and i am looking for some roomates if that is ok
  19. xBazingaDudex

    summer movie?

    what was your favorite movie this summer?
  20. did you guys here paramore tour drummer that they been using was in an accident and got bad burns so he cant go on tour with them so for now aaron gillespie who use to be the drummer for the band underoath and now the singer for his own band called the almost is filling in on drums for uk tour and idk how much longer i just think uk tour dates. What you guys think of that do you like him? have you herd of him?
  21. xBazingaDudex


    hey if you dont catch it tonight someone will post the peformance on youtube of course i saw videos of the teen choice peformance online like asap like right after it was over
  22. Hey guys I love reviewing movies and I recently made a Facebook page for my movie reviews I was wondering if you guys would like to check it out and please give it a like you can even go on it and comment on your thoughts to a movie or any ideas you have thanks in advance the link is https://www.facebook.com/TheBazingaGuyMovies
  23. xBazingaDudex

    2013 Teen Choice Awards

    The only problem I had with it is how hayley gets all the attention and is the main focus I know she the singer But this is a band not a solo artist people tunning in who never herd of them would think its a solo artist. I mean they should of had taylor and jeremy like in the front her or where a costume like she did to stick out or something i mean just seem like they were pushed to the back while she was getting all the attention when it supose to be a band and not the hayley show
  24. who is going to this show?