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  1. esposimi

    YouTube/Myspace Video Thread Part 2

    My sister's college acapella group covered That's What You Get, check it out!
  2. esposimi

    2013 Spring Tour

    Anklebiters from NYC, Ross and Catie are in this video!
  3. esposimi

    2013 Spring Tour

    Show cancelled tonight
  4. esposimi

    2013 Spring Tour

    Does anyone know who is drumming since Ilan Rubin couldn't come on this tour?
  5. esposimi

    2013 Spring Tour

  6. esposimi

    2013 Spring Tour

    Ilan Rubin will not be joining the band on this tour.
  7. esposimi

    'Paramore': April 9th

    I got my Recordstore.co.uk signed copy in the mail from the UK today! Now I have 2 copies!
  8. Hayley was interviewed by Wendy Rollins, DJ for Radio 104.5 in Philadelphia. http://www.radio1045.com/pages/wendy.html?article=11194741
  9. esposimi

    'Paramore': April 9th

    Escape Route is amazing!
  10. esposimi

    'Paramore': April 9th

    The previews aren't showing up in my iTunes for some reason
  11. esposimi

    'Paramore': April 9th

    I would totally buy the box set if I had a turntable
  12. esposimi

    2013 Spring Tour

    Flights to the UK are almost $1,000, it would be crazy expensive! But if I had the money too I would definitely do it in a heartbeat. I've wanted to go there for the longest time.
  13. esposimi

    The Blends/Graphics/Avatars/Wallpapers Thread - Part 4

    Design I did for over on Reddit
  14. esposimi

    2013 Spring Tour

    I plan on spending the day in New York since I have family that live there. Will have to see what my schedule is like for the next day, but this sounds like an awesome idea!
  15. esposimi

    'Paramore': April 9th

    The amount of people posting things on Tumblr is getting me more and more stoked to hear this album! Coming up on almost a month to go now!