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  1. jchurch004

    Fan of the Month

    ^Hahaha! I still have my awards in my signature. Biggest Hayley Fan, Cutest =] and Vastest Music Taste!!
  2. jchurch004

    Fan of the Month

    ^Hahaha! I still have my awards in my signature. Biggest Hayley Fan, Cutest =] and Vastest Music Taste!!
  3. jchurch004

    Fan of the Month

    Hahaha! I remember when I won this! Like in 2006 lmao
  4. jchurch004

    Old Member - Exciting News

    So Suzie and I were on our way home tonight, listening to Paramore on shuffle...and My Heart from The Final Riot comes on... We figured something pretty decent out. From about 6 seconds into the track until about 3:52...there is minimal crowd noise...and no talking to the crowd...also it covers the entire track except for the WHOA-OA-OAAAA!! at the very end. Our thinking was this....what if we found a way to start the track at 6 seconds in...and then have it fade out around 3:48 or so? Thoughts? Can anyone here do that?
  5. jchurch004

    Music / Marriage / Everything In Between

    Also, if all you guys could tweet the hell out of this, I would really appreciate it...Suzie says the same And any other ideas you would have to get their attention lol.
  6. jchurch004

    Albums of the year/decade

    Tracks of the Year: (in no order) "17 Crimes" - AFI "Murder Mitten" - I See Stars "Same Old Same Old" - The Civil Wars "Proof" - Paramore "Martyrs" - The Devil Wears Prada "Open Eyes" - Conditions "The Show Must Go On" - Famous Last Words "Save Rock & Roll" - Fall Out Boy feat. Elton John "No Parallels" - Hands Like Houses "Screen" - Twenty One Pilots "Ghost" - Tilian "City of Angels" - 30 Seconds to Mars "Headlights" - Eminem feat. Nate Ruess "Say Something" - A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera "The Move" - Laura Stevenson "The Dope Beat" - letlive. "Deja Vu" - blessthefall "Empire" - Bring Me The Horizon "Give Me A Voice" - Confide "I, Enemy" - A Skylit Drive "Plato's Tripartite" - Protest the Hero "Doubt" - Kitten "In Due Time" - Killswitch Engage "Fatima Rusalka" - Alesana "I'm Already Gone" - A Day to Remember
  7. jchurch004

    Old Member - Exciting News

    http://mindequalsblown.net/2014/01/08/music-marriage-everything-in-between/ This is article I did. Please go check it out and try and get Hayley and the boys to read it!! At the very end I ask them to do My Heart for us...hope it works!! =] Look at the picture, lmao - we were so young!!!
  8. http://mindequalsblown.net/2014/01/08/music-marriage-everything-in-between/ Please read my article. It is about Suzie and I's journey from the AWKIF days till now. It is pretty awesome. =] Thank you PF for bringing us together.
  9. jchurch004

    Old Member - Exciting News

    Holy crap, why is My Heart acoustic so hard to find?! Literally every other song has some acoustic recorded version. Jeeeeeeeeez!
  10. jchurch004

    Old Member - Exciting News

    Thank you!! =]
  11. jchurch004

    Old Member - Exciting News

    Yea, I knew it was either late 05 or early 06.
  12. jchurch004

    Old Member - Exciting News

    Also, The Final Riot...just boils down to the crowd noise and her saying "Chicago" - can't have that. There are so many "almost" options out there on youtube...but nothing that would work out perfectly. I've searched hours and hours worth haha.
  13. jchurch004

    Old Member - Exciting News

    Chriss, its Jason on AWKIF. Josh took over immediately after Jason left in late 2005, or early 2006...cant exactly remember when they brought Hunter in. Either way, I can't have a screamed version for the wedding lol.
  14. jchurch004

    Old Member - Exciting News

    lol. The one from Anaheim...god I remember that tour so well, saw it a few times...unbelievable each time. Yea, it has to be the acoustic version...I really just wish they would have done an acoustic version, the way they did for pressure and hallelujah, oh well. One of my favorite versions of My Heart was their 2007 tour in England...but Josh kinda ruined it at the end...outside of his awful scream-yell, its the best version I've ever heard...
  15. jchurch004

    Old Member - Exciting News

    not sure Taylor ever did. I know Josh did for the majority of their live shows, since Jason left so quickly. I'm not sure they've ever done the original version after Josh and Zac left...could be wrong there also? I love everyone's ideas. Having a back-up plan is obv important, just in case this doesn't work out. We do have about 9 months though...which is favorable. We definitely need a good worst case scenario though.