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  1. biodigitaljazz

    paramore show in pomona...going?

    They play anything new? I'm ravaging the internet looking to see if anyone posted anything about new stuff played tonight.
  2. biodigitaljazz

    paramore show in pomona...going?

    That to me means Hello Cold World. I can't imagine them NOT playing Daydreaming, honestly. A one-off show in the midst of an album recording is the perfect time to test drive new material.
  3. biodigitaljazz

    Hayley smells terrible!

    She could probably slaughter a puppy onstage, and the crowd would cheer their heads off.
  4. biodigitaljazz

    Feeling Sorry Acoustic at AP Anniversary

    Okay, I realize this is an older thread, but some people might have interest still, because I surely did, so I ripped an HD version of the originally posted video from Youtube, converted it with Handbrake, opened it up in Movie Maker, trimmed the Introduction and end credits off, opened it up in Vegas Pro, and rendered it as a 320kbps MP3. I can't upload to any filesharing sites, but if there's still interest in this, and it hasn't been already done, I can send it to someone who will upload it for the rest of you to enjoy.
  5. biodigitaljazz

    Long Distance Call

    Well thanks very much for the response, but like seriously 5 minutes after I posted this, I downloaded the vid from Youtube, converted it with Handbrake, opened it in Vegas Pro, and rendered it as an 320kbps mp3. Took me about 5 minutes.
  6. biodigitaljazz

    Album 4

  7. biodigitaljazz

    Album 4

    I know, but it just seemed... very related
  8. biodigitaljazz

    Album 4

    The @paramore twitter just tweeted "Wake up and Live" along with an instagram link. I eagerly hopped online to follow the link and see if it led anywhere (thinking "Wake Up and Live" sounded like an album title but the post was taken down from Instagram within 3 minutes. I don't know if this is anything worthy to report, so I thought I'd err on the safe side, and let other people know I thought the link ".co/4glAbumt" seemed too similar to "4th album" but again, I may just be reading too far in. http://i.imgur.com/nOGxj.jpg EDIT: Further possibility ensured here: http://i.imgur.com/RbAp6.png Maybe she's had that knocking around her head for awhile. Dated June '10...
  9. biodigitaljazz

    Long Distance Call

    It's down. Anyone re-up?
  10. biodigitaljazz

    Paramore 7" Single Box Set

    Just emailed you about the boxes and my interesting circumstance. Hopefully you've still got the BNE box!
  11. biodigitaljazz

    Albums of the year/decade

    +1 for Ten Stories. Fixed at Zero, while I liked, was CERTAINLY not anything groundbreaking. I was also absolutely HEARTBROKEN by how much "Daisy" by Brand New fell short of everything else they've ever done. My album of 2010 is Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs," 2011 is a tie between "Camp" by Childish Gambino and Thrice's "Major/Minor," and my album of 2012 thus far is "Ground Dweller" by Hands Like Houses. Album of the decade is certainly a tie between "Worship and Tribute" by Glassjaw, and Linkin Park's "Hybrid Theory."
  12. biodigitaljazz

    2010-11-16 Birmingham IEM Recording

    Hey, if the OP or anybody else who got the original FLAC he uploaded could reupload it, that would be amazing. 128kbps MP3 makes me > Thanks so much!