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  1. The forecast for Saturday... RIP me and my skin https://t.co/trbcZrTB1L

  2. Am I at the Sea of Galilee or @WestworldHBO https://t.co/vBXr0dF8ku

  3. Getting on a plane tomorrow to go half way across the world with thirty other twenty-somethings who I’ve never met… https://t.co/kibNZAa2EY

  4. @rampagerachel Not only is she an anti Semite but also an anti-vaxxer

  5. @nicksan_ Yea we figured it out today thankfully! :)

  6. I’ll be in Greensboro from June 30th to July 1st for a friends bridal shower and I really need a place to stay b/c… https://t.co/tjnh5O5R8m

  7. I’m flying international for the first time on Monday and the more I think about it, the more nervous I am about it.

  8. I’m missing Paramore in Raleigh this month

  9. Shout out to @yelyahwilliams for her op-ed on mental health! I haven’t read it yet because I have been dealing wit… https://t.co/9qIBJPBNkQ

  10. RT @paramore: your fav froot loops. .

  11. @Alexifresh That show is amazing but I cannot watch more than two episodes at a time without feeling real depressed and anxious

  12. So there is apparently this restaurant in NYC called Shalom Japan and it’s Jewish/Japanese fusion and I NEED to try… https://t.co/uB13HWqMQk

  13. *Delirium! at the Karaoke Bar*

  14. RT @ricardo_de_anda: Breaking up families and scattering the children of a race or ethnic group is classic genocide. It pains my heart to w…