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  1. SingMeASong

    twilight series

    Here's a few from the movie set. I picked out the less blurry ones but here you go: (Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Robert Pattinson) (Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz) (Nikki Reed, Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene) =) Sorry if you've seen these. they're huge, by the way.
  2. SingMeASong

    Fuse put up the videos from the Sauce!!

    Thank you Claudia and Jess!
  3. SingMeASong


    Mount trashmoore? hahahaha.
  4. SingMeASong

    Paramores new myspace pictures.

    Yeah, man. But I'd die for that kind of weather instead of this heat. You reply very fast hah.
  5. SingMeASong

    Paramores new myspace pictures.

    Paramore has put up 4 myspace pictures. HQ, aswell. Awesome, except.. where's Zac? ='( I do admit it is incredibly hard to get good shots of him. (I'msorryifthesehavealreadybeenposted)
  6. SingMeASong

    last movie you watched

    Pirates Of The Carribean 3 last night. Mmm.. Good movie.
  7. SingMeASong

    bad hair day?

    My hairs cutty looking. Like, layers but it looks pretty horrible hah.
  8. SingMeASong

    old and new hayley

    I get what you're saying too. And of course for when liking them as younger, and they are older now, you feel like you're losing them to more and more people because it's not so intimate. I think you start to get protective over them. Hah, I feel bad for when I get someone into Paramore. I'm like, "yeah!" they like them now. But then I'm like, but I don't want anyone else to like them.
  9. SingMeASong

    new myspace pic

    I've been laughing at this picture for a couple of hours. Zac was...13? =D
  10. SingMeASong

    The last thread

    I can't lie, so I will say I'm a bit disappointed just over the fact that you guys strive to be very nice, and it seems very hypocritical of you guys. But... you can't expect the staff to be perfect in every way. Sometimes people feel the need to take it out on a particular person, because I sure have done it many of times. Just because their held a bit higher than our heads, doesn't make them perfect or expected to be. This doesn't change how I feel about the staff because them saying stuff like that doesn't completely destroy their hard work. So, I still really like the staff, even if they have/will talked about me that I'm unaware of. Gosh, I know that probably sounded really stupid. So I apologize.
  11. SingMeASong


    Haha. I love how people read into it so much =D. I'm not being sarcastic. Well, there seems to be a bit on the other arm so maybe it was a sharpie fight, like someone said above.
  12. SingMeASong

    Goodbye PF.com

    Yeah. I'm not too sure posting on this even more is going to help anyone. I can't say this for sure, but I'm sure the people who chose to not keep Diego on the sites' decisions are final, and so we should move on and not complain. We don't need a "bitch and moan" thread, to be blunt.
  13. SingMeASong

    Goodbye PF.com

    Well, I'm going to miss you Diego. You were always so nice and you really did pull a lot together. For some reason, I think this thread should be closed. People are just going to go on and on and if you want to tell him how much you miss him, and thank him, you should do it on the contact info he gave us. I think too many people are adding fuel to the fire by complaining and saying, "oh my god! this is so unfair! I'm leaving too1!11!" It seems most people are only doing that so everyone will go, "No! Don't leave!" I know I have no authority to do this, and I'm not telling anyone to close this. It's just my opinion.
  14. SingMeASong


    I think it's a real tattoo. Usually magic markers aren't thin and not real precise. Same as pens. Tattoos most definetly are.
  15. SingMeASong

    **The Blends/Graphics/Avatars/Wallpapers Thread**

    Aww. I LOVE those. And you used one of my pictures =D =D =D Thanksss.