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  1. hayleh


    i heard they're gonnae be in it. i'm not that amused.. didn't like the 1st gen cast at all. shoot meh.
  2. hayleh

    The Wonder Years

    i was a bit late in checking them out but i'm glad i finally did! i prefer their first album wi all the bits wi the keys in haha.. the newest is well good too though.
  3. hayleh

    Twin Atlantic

    i feel the same. although, i'm glad it's them over someone like youmeatsix or fucking all time low, know what i mean.
  4. hayleh

    Slam Dunk Festival 2010

    was class tonight! crowd was fulla dicks though... i felt about 80.
  5. hayleh

    Sponsor me? :)

    hope this isn't cheeky... just trying to make as much money as possible for cancer research. i'm taking part in the race for life event this year and need some online sponsors, so if you have some spare change that you wouldn't mind chucking my way it'd mean a lot. http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/ifyouseekhayley it's a registered charity and their payment system is totally safe. you can trust me thanks a load if you can manage to help me out xx
  6. hayleh

    Hayley on New B.O.B. Album

    actually love that tune!!
  7. hayleh

    Paramore at Reading and Leeds Festival

    when do all the other bands start getting announced for this? i'm not completely sold on this yet.
  8. hayleh

    Something Corporate

    in the us only?
  9. hayleh

    Paramore at Reading and Leeds Festival

    the line up looks a bit pish so far apart from the obvious.
  10. hayleh

    Something Corporate

    i feel so behind with life. what's the score.. they're touring?!
  11. hayleh

    Kate Nash

    oh aye, i remember her. i went to see her and she was actually really good live!
  12. ^ do it! i'm gonna go. it's on my birthday
  13. hayleh


    tuuuuts! i just bought a ticket so fast there. i've got skillz.