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  1. MeLoN

    Live @ Tilburg, The Netherlands

    Yeah. I was front row in the middle
  2. MeLoN

    Live @ Tilburg

    For videos of the tour intro, careful, the only exception, I caught myself, brick by boring brick, misguided ghosts, looking up and turn it off go to youtube.com/onegirlrevolutiion
  3. Taken with a Sony compact. For more HQ (taken with a SLR camera) photos, go to flickr.com/melaniecaitlin.
  4. MeLoN

    My photography regarding Paramore

    Awesome! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I thought it to be one of the best Paramore gigs I've ever seen.
  5. MeLoN

    My photography regarding Paramore

    Thank you for the kind words, guys
  6. Hello there, I've been working as a professional photographer for a little bit over year now and some months ago I launched my very first official website: http://www.melaniecaitlin.com. On that website you can find information about me, my work, upcoming concert and of course a photo gallery to view my work. Here's a quick preview of some of the stuff I have done:
  7. Hey everyone, I've put up loads of new Paramore photos. They're from the Nottingham and Portsmouth shows in England, and Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Here's a quick preview: To see more, check: myspace.com/melaniecaitlin melaniecaitlin.deviantart.com flickr.com/photos/melaniecaitlin
  8. MeLoN

    Last.fm group

    I'm promoting Paramore on Lastfm.com I've created a group on there called Paramore shines Brighter. Anyone who has a lastfm account - please join. http://www.last.fm/group/Paramore+shines+Brighter. [dont forget the dot.it belongs there]
  9. MeLoN

    The Song/Poem/Writing Thread

    Sink or Swim Last time I closed my eyes you stood in front of me But when I opened them the room was empty I heard the sound of footsteps, I heard them disappear I felt a bit uncomfortable drowning in those tears The tears built a big swimming pool filled with punishment It forced me to survive the life that you had left Each step was more than I could take but I kept walking on Each step felt like a new mistake I could not afford *So tell me should I; Sink or swim Lose or win Can I take another day Living like today Is it time to say goodbye Goodbye and close my eyes Should I close my eyes for you? My legs grew old and tired, my mind needed a break But the waves in my swimming pool would not let me fade They kept pushing even though I was running out of air And when I thought I'd lose it I found the stairs I climbed and reached for the light I had not seen before Bright and so sincere, but it would only make things worse As I learned about life and this thing called happiness I was determined to show you, what you had missed * So I jumped back into my pool, my pool of punishment and grieve But the water would not allow me in, and said to me 'Her *life is such a nightmare*act is taking way too long' It kicked me out and screamed; Don't live your life for someone else's bleeding heart.
  10. MeLoN

    Hello Im Tracey

    Hiya! I'm Mel..I got Nathan to join ;] See ya around !
  11. MeLoN

    **The Blends/Graphics/Avatars/Wallpapers Thread**

    The blend in my sig&display are new. Made by moi :]
  12. MeLoN

    The Song/Poem/Writing Thread

    Okay. I do not like this. It is not complete. So if anyone has any ideas of how I can change it? Hmm I dislike it right now. *help needed* Empty Days Don’t they always say ‘a perfect story doesn’t know what perfect means’? I always thought I knew what fighting meant until I had to fight for real I though you understood the definition ‘being close’ You understood it far too well and hurt me most I could see, you thought too long and way too much I’d try to float along, setting my mind to deeper stuff Knowing exactly what I wanted wasn’t enough to make you try And you gave to me the opposite All I needed was a smile and so it broke my heart to see you fall the way you did. *Oh, you are my scar And I think of you when I say ‘Someone taught me when to walk away’ Searching for a sincere face, I walk away on empty days You expected me to be a cure I could never be But nonetheless I tried, hoping I could set you free I was disappointing and forgot how to care So I let you fall& showed you what it‘s like without me there. I can still hear you scream ‘please come back to me’ You tried to twist my mind by making me believe You needed me to keep you up without your wall Come on dear, we all knew you would fall * Walking off never meant I didn’t care, just not enough to fail myself Hate me if you want, we will finish this in hell Until that moment’s there, I will happily let go And learn how to decide which way I want to float
  13. Aww that's so sweet :]] &Yeah I totally agree. This website&all the members kick ass !!
  14. Haha just Ireland? Lol Pubs are a veeery UK thing...like theres 5 in my area alone! All going craaaazy during the world cup! =P I was actually like' date=' "huh..." when she said she was in a pub! lol[/quote'] Not JUST Ireland, but a lot of people do think of pubs when they think of Ireland, which in my opinion also explains why that person said Irish pubs. But I'm not trying to offend anyone in any way here. &I was actually like "huh" too ! lol Cause I didn't think they'd have them in America, other than maybe one for tourists.
  15. ^Cause they call it pubs in Ireland ;] &I suppose people know it as a typical Irish thing.