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  1. chrisseh11


    whoaaaa dude i havent been on here in ages! looks like the canadian thread has pumped up in numbers, i remember when i first made this thread.... and now it has 93 pages, wow. how is everyone?! and hey im christina for those of you who dont know me, i used to be an active boardie in 2006-2007 but stopped visiting after riot got huge... bleh. anyways! im going to tonights montreal show, i have floor tickets, so! if any of you got floors ill be the girl with the yellow shirt and green vest, and im asian haha hope all of you are well
  2. chrisseh11

    Another paramore implosion.....?

    exactly what i was thinking. and the fact that today is the 21st... one day before BLINK182'S break up.. it scares me..
  3. itd be a miracle if they added a canadian date.
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    Unseen Pictures Thread

    yeaa her name is spelt beckah though ahha. not like it matters, but youre right!
  6. chrisseh11

    Montreal QC, Club Soda [12.16.07]

    ^ haha definately!
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    boo to soccer. booo ring. i just went to the habs vs florida game yesterday. i was 7 rows away from the florida bench. SICK SEATS. but we lost. BUT WE HAD HUGE COMEBACK but lost.
  8. chrisseh11

    Montreal QC, Club Soda [12.16.07]

    oh yea? ugh that sucksss.. i was basically in the middle, i almost threw up during decoy cus i had no breath left over to sing haha.
  9. chrisseh11

    Montreal QC, Club Soda [12.16.07]

    ^ ahh thats good !!!
  10. chrisseh11

    Montreal QC, Club Soda [12.16.07]

    just edited this, enjoy.
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    just posted my experience on teh montreal club soda thread. go check it.
  12. chrisseh11


    LOL just came back, best night of my life. ill write about it tomorrow and post pics. ps. alyssa i told hayley you said hi, and shes like OH YEA, tell her i say hey! so; Hayley says, "hi alyssa in canada!" ahaha.
  13. i posted this on the LJ too incase you are wondering.. when i talk about cherries on top, last night's concert was far and beyond a cherry on top of my year. more like whipped cream, and chocolate syrup, with chocolate flakes, with smarties, and oreo crumbs, then that damn cherry. basically, it was sweet. edit:just added the autographed items pics, go check them out, especially the shoes they brought the whoas back, and the airwaves. if you take the time to read this, trust me, you'll feel like you were actually there, and man, was it an epic adventure. So i know a lot of you have been waiting for this, so here goes. I went to the show with my two pals, kaitlin and alec, and my boyfriend barry. barry, kaitlin, my boyfriend and i left the house at 2:30, for those of you who dont know, there was a huge blizzard snow storm here in montreal, it was horrendous, especially the roads. my dad dropped us off at the metro station, we arrived there at about 3:30, where we went all the way to st-laurent metro station which took about 30mins from where we were, so when we got there, it was about 4:00. we went so early because i had meet and greet, and in the letter, it said before 5:00. but when we got there, on the door was a paper that said "meet&greet, all meet here at 5:35" so there we were, at 4:00 in the freezing cold. there were about 15 people there waiting, and the doors only opened at 6:30. man, us canadians are willing to do anything to get front row to paramore. then again, we're used to this weather. my boyfriend spotted the band practising through an open curtain through the window, and i automatically, without hearing hayleys voice, knew they were practising when it rains, its the first time ive seen her since warped tour, and boy does this sound stalkerish, but i got so excited seeing her practising there, she was so beautiful. i saw taylors hair bopping up and down while he headbanged it was pretty sweet. anyways, since we had time to kill, we went to subway to eat some sandwhiches since we didnt have lunch. someone was having a really bad day, and decided to make our sandwhichs look like crap. she literally threw crackers on my tray for my soup . anyways. by then, it was only 4:30. we went to look outside the venue, still no one letting us in, we tried to go get our presale tickets, but the guy at the desk was like, "i dont have your tickets, i only have ticketpro presales" so obviously i panicked. like what if i didnt get in to see them? but i DID win meet and greet, so if there were any problems, i could just ask paramore to see what was up and who had our tickets. after getting rejected from the ticketbooth, we walked outside to 'la belle province' a hotdog place montreal is known for, we didnt want to eat, we just needed to warm our toes cus my friends boots were not insolated. with our luck, the guy serving everyone rejected us just sitting there and demanded us to order something, so we just left. so i switched boots with my friend, and we waited in line for the remainder of time. we talked to some people and told them they were crazy to be waiting in line 2 hours prior to the show on a day like this. it finally reached 5:30, and people came out of the venue to call in the winners of the m&g, the radio station winners, and musiqueplus winners. originally, there were 6 people on the meet and greet list, but only 2 showed up; me and this girl kayla from calgary (hi kayla if you're reading this!). as we were about to enter, kayla asked if her dad could come in, and the tour manager was quite hesitant but agreed, i asked too, and he gave me a "well..." look and never answered. by then, alec just arrived, and i asked the tour manager again if i could bring in my boyfriend, and he reluctantly agreed. so the 4 of us were there. i felt really bad cus kaitlin was freezing, but since alec didnt eat, they went to la belle province and hung out there while me and my boyfriend, barry, entered the venue. we stood there, shaking because of the cold. then barry nudged me; "christina, its zac!" i turned and he was right there. it felt so surreal. that my heroes were standing right there. so me, barry, kayla and her dad were the only ones there. since me and kayla were the only official winners, barry and kaylas dad sorta stood behind us, and while the tour manager talked to guys (in paramore), hayley sorta came up to us and gave us a cute "hey guys!" it was really sick. ahha. so we went in, it was sorta awkward, us being the only 4 there, because usually there is about 15 people at meet and greet. so were like erm... haha then josh was like "so... do you guys have anything for us to sign?!" haha we're like OH YEA. so i handed the band my white vans that i bought just for them to sign, and they took them, and josh put "PARA" on one shoe and "MORE" on the other. and the whole band signed. i also brought a shirt that i had made, and hayley looked at it and was like "wow thats so awesome" and they all signed that too. we had presents for them also. i bought each of the band members, including taylor, a huge lollipop, that was the size of my head, maybe a bit smaller. they were like "dude these are so awesome," and zac opened his right away and started licking it, he was like "hey look! look at my lollipop, your jealoussss!!" haha it was funny. kayla had bought the band each little teddy bears with canada sweaters on. they were so adorable and hayley was like "hey my bears sweater matches my lollipop!!" haha. it was awesome. we took pics together, and stuff, and overall, id have to say they are the nicest people ever. i talked to hayley about how she was enjoying canada, she said the people at the airport were rude, but she said she didnt have enough time to explore, and it was only one place. even though, at that moment, i was the happiest girl in the world, our time was up, and we had to leave. but we got first choice at merch (which was only 2 shirts, but hey, atleast i got something i wanted this time, unlike warped where i only got one shirt cus the other ones were sold out), the ticketbooth guy finally figured out which tickets we had purchased, and printed them out for us, so barry ran out to give alec and kaitlin their tickets and he came back. they let us in the venue first, so we got the stage. even if i got the stage, i gave up the chance to be right against the stage because i wanted to be near my boyfriend since he likes to mosh, so he takes the middle. we met a few people who got in first, it was sweet. about 30 mins later, alec and kaitlin met up with us, and we just chatted and took some pictures. since it was only the second time i met alec (alec is barrys friend and kaitlins boyfriend, ive known kaitlin since grade 5, and barry since i was born), i realised that he had a gap between his teeth that looked adorably similar to hayleys gap. barry said that if he dyed his hair red, he could definately see them being siblings of some sort. it was cute. so the opening band was bad flirt. let me tell you, they sounded A LOT better than on their myspace. but since they only got invited the day before the show, and tickets were already sold out, no one knew their songs too well, but the guy on they keyboard was adorable speaking french aha. i felt so ecstatic for them, that a local montreal band from montreal got to open for a band like paramore, it was really awesome. finally, paramore came on. they played for a pessimist first. i was like holy shit, and pissing my pants, not literally, just super excited. second, they played born for this, it was super awesome, the crowd was insane. it was kates first, official, standing concert, so it was the first song we moshed together, it was so awesome. after they played born for this, they played emergency, and after some moshing, someone doofus decides, "HEY WERE AT CONCERT NO MOSHING!", i know a lot of you hate moshers, but it was only a little circle, and wasnt so bad. but yea, my boyfriend being the sweet, concerned guy he was, stopped moshing, and from then on, there wasnt any pit. i dont remember when, but hayley mentioned that she was so grateful for all of us to stand out in the cold on a day like this. she also said theyve been wanting to play in montreal for the longest time, but they havent had the time to make it out here,(im assuming they meant since the simple plan tour.) anyways, after emergency, they played never let this go, a song hayley said "one for the older fans, also those who have AWKIF," i was so excited. it was so beautiful. after never let this go, they played fences, and hayley told all of us to put our hands in the air and snap, it got tiring, but holy shit was it loud haha. then, let the flames begin, with the epic ending, amazing, just like the videos ive been watching. then crushx3, which everyone went insane on. it was quite funny, because before the song, hayley was talking, and zac was playing the drums, and i knew immediately that they were gonna play crush next. does that ever happen to you? when you predict a song before they play it and you get super excited then everyone looks at you like you're a freak? well if not, then im a freak sorry. after crush they played pressure, still no pit, but we were all waiting for that flip jerm did cus at warped we missed it cus i was looking down or something and my boyfriend got punched in the nose right before the "without.... YOU" part. haha so we were looking out for that, and it was insane in the membrano. from then on, i predicted the whole set. cus im cool like that haha. after pressure, hayley said she wanted to play a slow song to get to know us better. i thought right away, when it rains, and being the song i saw them practising to, i was so excited, and it was my favorite song when RIOT! was first released, so they played when it rains, and josh played his beautiful melody and hayley sang with her beautiful voice, and all in all it was a beautiful song. then here we go again, and immediately after, thats what you get. then the moment of the show i was waiting for. my heart. she announced that it was the last song, and they were gonna sing my heart. i screamed my lungs out. and she sang. she sang it with passion, and it made me feel really wierd inside. yea im crazy, but ive never seen my heart live, and its always been my favorite song since march of 2006. they were playing, and i was closing my eyes, and i was just so happy at that time that nothing could go wrong. and nothing did. it was a perfect night. everyones cell phones and lighters were in the air and it was really a beautiful sight. when they finished the bridge of my heart, and hayley went right into the last chorus, i knew they werent just going to finish it the album version way, and i had a sudden rush of excitment, that they were going to play the version with the whoas. to be honest, when i heard the RIOT tour version, i was super dissapppointed, because i thought i was never going to see the version with the whoas, but since the band never made it out to montreal, i guess they knew we wanted to see the version with the whoas, so they did. when she did "my heart iss.. oooh ooh oohhhhh.. my heart is, yours, it is, it is, you sing with us" i started to cry. i cried because i felt as if my kids were just growing up so fast. i cried because theyve grown up so fast, and i cant believe i was actually seeing this. while she told us to sing the whoas, the fire alarm went off, from zemie's observation it was probably the lighters that triggered it. and on top of that, the mics turned off, and i dont think the drums, guitar or bass were on, i think the power went off on stage. but we kept singing. we sang our hearts out. we screamed, we wanted to be remembered, hayley put the mic out to us, and right as she went into the "this heart, it beats for you" the mics turned back on, everything was back, it was like we were falling, and then, we came back, it was so passionate. i was crying. and they finished. they left. but we didnt have enough. we were screaming for our band to come back out. and they did, they brought us more. an encore. but we brought them more also. the crowd started a chant of olé, olé, olé olé, olé, olé, the montreal canadiens hockey song. and zac played a beat to it, it was super awesome. hayley was dancing away and clapping also, and she was so happy, she said "i havent heard a crowd with such beautiful vocals" it was freaking sweet. then they played decoy, and finally. the last song. misery business. and we decided, fuck the other people lets mosh, it was super fun, but im sorry if i hurt any of you, if i did, you can give me a virtual slap. but anyways. i had an amazing night, and i think paramore did too, considering it was the last unoffical date of the RIOT tour before their christmas break. here are some pictures, enjoy, oh and by the way, the venue didnt a low cameras so i didnt get any pics live .. im sure others did though, cus i saw some people sneaking it in. but here are some pictures of the meet and greet: me and zac with his huge ass lollipop i gave him: jeremy and i: josh and i: hayley and i (note hayley and i are like the exact same height haha): my boyfriend and i with paramore: zac showing off his lollipop: me and my boyfriend barry before the show: alec and kate (note alecs gap and the sorta hayley brother thing haha): edit: my autographed stuff, i just took the pics now. the shoes: the shirt that i made: (only the back, not finished the front) oh btw, those other autographs are 3 from NFG, and alex gaskarth's of all time low. if you read all the way till here, thanks a whole bunch, it means a lot and i hope you enjoyed my story
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    montreal show tonight, weathers looking bad though, but we will make it
  15. chrisseh11


    *correction, MONTREALS poutine is delicious. LOL you guys should i buy a poutin for the band and give it to them?! aahaha. and ps, ill say hi to the band for you alyssa :]