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  1. so wait, who's on the cover of this magazine? i'm sorry, i got a bit confused.
  2. feelthepressure

    august 9th in ct

    here are my pics if you haven't found any yet [the ones jessness was talking about]. http://www.flickr.com/photos/66128516@N00/ enjoyyy.
  3. feelthepressure

    Official Paramore Merch Thread

    it's not at the FBR store is it? or is it only at the merch table?
  4. feelthepressure

    Avatars,Graphics,Wallpaper,Photo *Requests*

    jeez hayley ur good
  5. feelthepressure

    Josh Jeremy and Hayley Photoshoot

    ^ haha thank you very much!
  6. feelthepressure

    Josh Jeremy and Hayley Photoshoot

    sry this is off topic, but where'd you find the main picture in your sig?
  7. an EP is about 5 or 6 songs
  8. ahh can't wait, thank youu
  9. feelthepressure

    Rewind Video Clear :)

    Haha yeah it's pretty damn groovy
  10. feelthepressure

    Rewind Video Clear :)

    Aww thanks, so much :]
  11. feelthepressure

    Rewind Video Clear :)

    ^ haha yeah totally understandable
  12. feelthepressure

    Rewind Video Clear :)

    I was told that they don't play anymore new songs cause they have to get the 'All We Know Is Falling' album out more or something.
  13. feelthepressure

    Rewind Video Clear :)

    Umm, this is my video, so if no one has ripped it, let me know. I'll rip it. And Hi JESS!
  14. feelthepressure

    **The Blends/Graphics/Avatars/Wallpapers Thread**

    nice wallpaper dude, taking it if you dont mind :]
  15. feelthepressure

    **The Blends/Graphics/Avatars/Wallpapers Thread**

    wow thats realli gd how did u get the border thing around the picture?