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  1. watchthesky

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    i confess i haven't been on here in aaaages
  2. watchthesky

    Tour Two

    hopefully snagging a ticket for toronto
  3. watchthesky


    anyway chase is my husband
  4. watchthesky


    um someone explain to me why i waited like ten years to watch this show
  5. watchthesky

    An old fan

  6. watchthesky

    Who have you seen live?

    went to 5sos round five this weekend ha, second row!! definitely an amazing show i love them
  7. watchthesky

    Who have you seen live?

    ^ blink put on an Amazing show
  8. watchthesky

    Who have you seen live?

    brand new round 2 still the best of the best
  9. watchthesky

    Paramore 5th Album Anticipation Thread

    hold up is zac actually back because i will cry also it may just be me but i've always wanted a heavier record from them like careful/ignorance/decode kind of stuff that's what i was expecting from brand new eyes but the rest of the record wasn't like careful or ignorance much at all
  10. watchthesky

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    i confess i need to go to my mom's and clean my room this week but i don't want to wah
  11. watchthesky

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    aye i remember you! i confess my name change was finally made official this week and i'm very happy about it
  12. watchthesky

    Goosebump moments in music?

    ^ very nice call with brand new i'm gonna be somewhat predictable here but some more recent songs that need mentioning from me: vapor by 5 seconds of summer (i literally can't wait to scream along to this chorus and probably cry tbh bring on july) gasoline by halsey colors (stripped) by halsey is there somewhere by halsey (the whole song is amazing but the build up like two minutes in? hell yes) alibis by marianas trench (this one's not recent but very Me so i'm mentioning it) work in progress by the dangerous summer (also not recent but holy shit what an album war paint was) secret love song by little mix (uh? why can't i sing like this? why are they so underrated? so many questions)
  13. watchthesky


  14. watchthesky

    Who have you seen live?

    saw marina and the diamonds again and halsey this month heck yeah
  15. watchthesky


    saw her in a 400 cap venue in vancouver last night and Holy Balls she is incredible