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  1. RT @ChurchLead: Church Leaders. Give

  2. Follow me over there! https://t.co/ullQSzW8d0 https://t.co/6F8dtmtdUy

  3. RT @Bruxy: When we teach, we learn. - Seneca. https://t.co/95sCLciED8

  4. Here are my pictures from #Hanson25 #Hansonday2017 #hansonday #HopJam2017 #hopjam https://t.co/YISwADgxxM @hansonmusic @TheHopJam

  5. When you come home to a clean

  6. I mean, after a week of @Hanson why not eat pizza in your PJs and watch "Return to Amish"? Will I learn anything o…… https://t.co/VrSIMZkFRj

  7. RT @TheMinimalists: We've added a second leg to the tour! Tickets: https://t.co/Ub5Uw1tEen https://t.co/Mq0TtDOSjt

  8. "Idk if this is in F or G." "It's just one instrument do what you want." "OK, F it is!" @CIsaacHanson @hansonmusic #HansonDay #fb

  9. Welp. Should have worn sunscreen. #ouchie #linesfordays #hansonday https://t.co/Xz1Py0y7VS https://t.co/qdXNxJZZj1

  10. RT @hansonconnect: Special @TheHopJam Brewing in @hansonmusic's 25th Anniversary Year

  11. RT @ynab: What to do when your spouse goes rogue... If you're married, don't worry. It will happen. #ynab #budget https://t.co/M3oQ1fGrRZ

  12. NYC are now here! Blog is here Boston is done and NYC should come tonight!
  13. I have Boston pics/video/review on my blog here. NYC to come soon... then I'll upload my pics on PF.com as well
  14. So excited for Boston & NYC in just a few days