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  1. krs


  2. krs


    Thanks guys. I kinda stole the placement of the tattoo from Lights. Though of course, hers is 1000x better.lol
  3. krs


    My second tattoo. I'm not gonna lie, this one hurt.lol But I think it was worth the pain. It's The Early November's title song "Ever So Sweet"
  4. Wow. Reading the announcement just left me speechless. It broke my heart reading those awful words about the two of them leaving. Yeah, sure it may have been expected for a lot of you, but still. Paramore won't ever be the same without Josh and Zac. and that's the EXACT thought that went through my mind while reading it! But anyways, the best of luck to each and every one of them. I'll forever hold on to the Paramore I fell in love with years ago.
  5. krs


    Thanks you guys! I really appreciate the positive feedback!
  6. krs


    Thank you Catie and Faith! Yeah, it definitely came out way better than I expected.
  7. krs


    here's a picture of my new tattoo. it's on my upper forearm, just underneath the crease of where the elbow bends. =)
  8. krs


    LOL. thanks for the advice. =) and catie, that's exactly what I thought... Once I have it, they'll eventually have to get over it. haha. Also, I can always say that I'm not even paying for it. My friend said she'll pay for it as a birthday present. =)
  9. krs


    So, for my birthday...I'll be getting brighten lyrics..."in all this chaos we found safety." i'm still contemplating on location. But I'm leaning more towards near my triceps, just above my elbow. And I'll split the phrase into two parts so it'll be on both arms. Though Im scared to ask my parents for permission becuase there's a 50/50 chance they'll say no. I'm kinda thinking that I'll just hide it from them? Though that never works out well. lol
  10. krs

    Playing God next single

    what an amazing video! it turned out better than I expected it to be! loved all the nostalgic refrences they incorporated in the video. thumbs up! =D
  11. krs

    Tegan and Sara

    incredibly beautiful performance. watch this video, and you can't help but appreciate the heart and passion put into it, even if you aren't a tegan and sara fan. and the end is quite adorable, it's good to see that there are still some humbling artists out there, especially ones who have been around for as long as they have been.
  12. no, they didn't play any other special songs outside of their usual set list....i was really hoping on My Heart though all it was was that hayley came out and played bass for NFG, and the whole band dressing up as ghosts for T&S. oh and also, NFG got pranked as well, during the beginning of their set....Justin Beiber music videos were playing behind them. =)
  13. Just got back from anaheims finale show, and WOW! let me just say I can't believe what I've been missing all these years!! Tonight just reinforced my love for paramore x100000. They're performance and energy just completely blew my mind away. Tegan & Sara, holy crap....they are even more stunning in person. LOVED their set! All in all, this night was definitely one for the memory books.
  14. ah! can't believe the day is finally here! six months of waiting, and it's finally arrived! the last tour date....i know it'll be HUGE! plus, it just so happens to be tegan & sara's 30th birthday. =D
  15. HAHA. oh trust me, I can't believe that it's taken me 4 years to see them either! I saw them at Warped in '07, but i was so far back that I couldn't even see the stage, so I didn't count that experience. It just seemed that every time they came around California, there was always something that came up that made it impossible for me to attend one of their shows, but I knew I couldn't miss anymore chances. but thank you! i plan on having the time of my life this Sunday night. (see what all the fuss is about.lol)