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  1. calciumwaste

    Paramore in Italy - 17.02.2007

    great photos! can i post the candids on http://checkered-vans.com/bandgallery?
  2. actually i voted for Richardson (i'm from New Hampshire) it just rubbed me the wrong way since he didn't give any political reason or any reason at all.
  3. those comments he made about Hillary made him sound uneducated and uniformed. for reals. he sounded like an idiot.
  4. calciumwaste

    Sweetness JEW cover

    thanks for this.
  5. calciumwaste

    How pretty is Hay???

    i think she's definitely more cute than sexy, but that's what i love about her.
  6. calciumwaste

    why are all the jimmy fans so mad

    honestly i think it's more the fanbase than the band that people are mad about. now that Paramore is all famous they have a lot of obnoxious teen girl fans, which isn't Jimmy Eat World's fanbase at all.
  7. calciumwaste

    Unseen Pictures Thread

    are these unseen? i just found them last night and posted them on checkered-vans.com:
  8. calciumwaste

    New year eve performance

    i have over 50 here
  9. calciumwaste

    Brushes we use

    it's the same as the set i posted a few posts up. she just converted it. here are the links again: photoshop 7.0+ image pack
  10. thanks to the new paramore.net, i know that Ryan Russell shot a few of the Riot promos. he did the ones with the scribbled riot in the background and i assume the ones where they have those same clothes. but what about the others? there are 2 other sets: the ones in the salon and the ones where Hayley is wearing the camp funtime t-shirt. does anyone know who shot those?
  11. calciumwaste

    All We Know Single Cover?

    i've seen album art for all of Paramore's singles except All We Know. i know there was no physical cd or vinyl, but when iTunes has singles, they pretty much always have their own art for it. was cover art for All We Know? if so, someone please post it.
  12. calciumwaste

    The Blends/Graphics/Avatars/Wallpapers Thread - part 2

    i made a few new icons from the riot promo shots on pmoreonline: and here's the original everyone has been asking for:
  13. if anyone finds a higher resolution of the cover art, please post it