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  1. Ankle_Biter

    Paramore cute drawings

  2. I found this band on tumblr. They're called I Am Nimdok and they are AWESOME seriously. They do alternative pop rock. I think their singer is amazing....... and pretty good looking imo. I'd like to see more of the guy (guitar???). I think they deserve way more recognition. What do you guys think? Next band to watch? https://soundcloud.com/iamnimdok/sets/excellent-mutation https://www.facebook.com/iamnimdok
  3. Ankle_Biter


    Hi. I have a tumblr site i update everyday http://abigbowloframen.tumblr.com/ Also i post playlists with cool music (popular and new bands). This is my first playlist: http://8tracks.com/miabites/pop-rock-power-smoothie
  4. Dreaming about Birmingham show...

  5. Ankle_Biter

    Paramore cute drawings

    Very similar and very cool for a t-shirt too.
  6. Ankle_Biter

    Paramore cute drawings

    That's 'ing awesome! shame the person who did that painting isn't sharing a wallpaper version or something, there's only a small pic with an ugly watermark <.<
  7. Ankle_Biter

    Paramore cute drawings

    By thidayatr.tumblr.com
  8. Ankle_Biter

    Paramore cute drawings

  9. Ankle_Biter

    Paramore cute drawings

  10. Ankle_Biter


    You're so right. I absolutely loved Sid. I've never liked Naomi i dunno...
  11. Ankle_Biter


    Effy Stonem is my heroine. I think Kaya Scodalerio has a charisma that's supernatural almost. Also, my brother says she's so pretty it hurts, hahaha. I miss Skins so much... Wish the creators could make web series or something like that to feed us with more stories...
  12. Ankle_Biter

    Paramore cute drawings

    Hi! I've seen there are a lot of cute fan drawings online, especially on Deviantart. I'm opening this topic so that we can all share what we find and have something ultra-cute cute to look at sometimes I found this: I think it's watercolor? Can't get over how good this painting is!
  13. Ankle_Biter

    The Self-Titled Sessions

    Thanks a lot for sharing ^^
  14. Ankle_Biter


    I discovered VersaEmerge before they were signed thanks to a friend and the old Myspace. I'd like to know why they were dropped by FBR... I know now they've got more artistic freedom to do their own stuff, but let's be honest here, it's super hard to be heard as a band nowadays without the help of some label with cool bands and a massive sponsored tour like Warped. IMHO without labels there's so many bands online these days and we all know many of them are not that great, i'd say 15% is worth a listen, there are so many chancers too... What do you guys think about this? I hope another label that understand their music and plans takes them in, so their amazing songs can be heard worldwide.
  15. Ankle_Biter


    Do they have any stream for overseas viewers? Can't miss it!