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  1. ParentAtTheDisco

    Who have you seen live?

    I'm seeing them on Sunday with a friend. Really, I am going for Avril. But BSB will be a plus. How was it? I saw Christina Perri this week on Monday, and also Lenny Kravitz and Imagine Dragons on Wednesday. Lenny was really amazing. Christina was awe-inspiring. Imagine Dragons were really good, but more laid back than I was expecting
  2. ParentAtTheDisco

    Throwback Thursday

    Great throwbacks!
  3. ParentAtTheDisco

    Cocky Basketball w/ Taylor York

    Sorry I missed this event -- there were too many things going on all at once!
  4. ParentAtTheDisco


    Aw, thanks! Yeah, it was really cool. Worth not winning multiple M&Gs to build up the karma to win this one!
  5. ParentAtTheDisco


    If you guys haven't seen it, I wrote up a pretty detailed post on our bowling experience with Paramore on the ship: http://parentsguidetoconcerts.tumblr.com/post/80430711016/paramore-bowls-fans-win
  6. ParentAtTheDisco

    The GRAMMY Foundation

    This was really cool at the San Jose, California show. I like how the choir gowns had the 3 bars logos on them.
  7. ParentAtTheDisco

    The Self-Titled Tour

    ^^ Awesome pictures! I didn't realise the confetti was shaped like butterfiles! Our show in San Jose last night was wondrous -- I kind of wish I had decided to see a couple of additional dates now. The paperless tickets thing was confusing and hence we were about 20 rows back instead of closer up where I like, but our family and friends had an amazing time, sang our hearts out, jumped and danced and jumped some more. The production is really good, and there are some fun surprises throughout. Make ALL your friends go to this show... my friends, daughter and I dragged along my wife and son -- who claim "not to really like Paramore" -- and even those stalwart naysayers had a great time and thought the quality of the stage show was impressive. Small gallery: http://parentsguidetoconcerts.tumblr.com/post/64503223138/my-favorite-moments-at-the-paramore-self-titled More pictures: http://s1206.photobucket.com/user/martinhardee/library/Paramore%20-%20Metric%20-%20hellogoodbye%2018-Oct-2013
  8. ParentAtTheDisco


    Great notes! Yeah, the theme nights sound fun. I noticed they do those on the KISS Kruise. At Disney they do a pirate theme night which is pretty fun. It would be fun to have a contest with the fans pitching ideas for the theme nights. On dress, I have to mention that I traveled on the Queen Elizabeth 2 with my dad back in the day, and we had to buy tuxedos for the trip because there were two very very formal dinner nights. Glad those days are in the past TBH.
  9. ParentAtTheDisco

    Why I Love Paramore Even More Than Before...

    Wow, this post made me tear up -- it's so sentimental. And Brian, excellent Tell All Your Friends anniversary t-shirt. If you are a dedicated TBS and Paramore fan, she has a keeper for sure.
  10. ParentAtTheDisco

    summer movie?

    20 Feet from Stardom is an excellent film about backup singers.
  11. ParentAtTheDisco

    Goosebump moments in music?

    Wow some great music on this thread. One I re-appreciated recently is the guitar solo in Lynyrd Skynyrd's Freebird. And I am not kidding.
  12. ParentAtTheDisco

    Female-Fronted Indie-Rock Band

    One of many I like are The Joy Formidable. Bring earplugs if you go to one of their shows; and prepare to rock out.
  13. ParentAtTheDisco

    Bologna 10 Sept 2013

    Is anyone going to this show? We're coincidentally on holiday in Viareggio and thinking of coming up by train to see it.
  14. ParentAtTheDisco

    Paper Aeroplanes

    Beg her to come to San Francisco -- I will round people up here and get them to go to the show!