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  1. Creatingcolours

    Infamous Spam Thread - Part 17

    Thanks everyone! I was lucky to find a cancellation date so soon. I had to refresh the page every 2 minutes for about a week and a half!
  2. Creatingcolours

    Infamous Spam Thread - Part 17

    Passed my driving test! I'm so happy
  3. Creatingcolours

    iTunes Festival 2013

    Anyone know when you will hear if you've won tickets? All I've seen is companies/ fan pages giving away tickets (which, iTunes specifically say wont be valid)
  4. Creatingcolours

    have you ever (Part 4)...

    Yes Have you ever won a trophy?
  5. Creatingcolours

    Kerrang! Magazine 2006 Photoshoot

    Was this really 2006? Wow. Where did the last 7 years go?
  6. Creatingcolours

    have you ever (Part 4)...

    No Have you ever witnessed a crime?
  7. Creatingcolours

    True or false? Part 2

    True Has broken something very valuable before?
  8. Creatingcolours

    have you ever (Part 4)...

    Yes... Have you ever been horse riding?
  9. Creatingcolours

    The Book Thread: What are you reading?

    Wow, thanks for all the suggestions guys! My friend has been bugging me to read the mortal instruments for a while, so I guess I will probably try that! I might try and get hold of another jodi picoult book - I read my sister's keeper and handle with care a few years back. I do enjoy fictional medical based books. I don't want to go for anything too hard to read though because, aside from TFIOS and 'life of pi' I haven't read a book (that isn't a textbook) in about 2 years. bad, I know!
  10. Creatingcolours

    Top o' the mornin'

    Hey Sophie
  11. Creatingcolours

    True or false? Part 2

    True! Has visited more than 5 different countries?
  12. Creatingcolours

    have you ever (Part 4)...

    Nope! Have you ever been to an opera?
  13. Creatingcolours

    Paramore Fan Club & Ticketing News

    Thats unfortunate. I haven't really paid any attention to him so I have no idea! He's not worth the time.
  14. Creatingcolours

    Miles McPherson in Golf Cart Accident

    Ouch! I hope that heals quickly - it looks painful. Good to see that he sees the funny side though! Oh and this picture shows the full extent. Poor guy