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    North America Tour 2015

    ^^I missed the Presale because I thought it started at 10 instead of 8, but my friend and I just checked again and they released more pit tickets! Not sure if you've been there before but definitely stay on it, the pit is tiny there!
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    Thank you, guys! Nice to meet you!
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    Username: Sara_more First name: Sara Age: 26 Gender: female How did you come across this amazing fansite that is paramorefans.com? Google. Paramore.net is not sufficient and I miss PFC! Also was hoping to get some scoop about Fall MNG's! How did you come across the amazing band that is Paramore/ how long have you been a fan? A friend in college introduced me in 2006, a little less than a year before Riot! came out. Favorite Paramore song? Let The Flames Begin. Favorite lyric? "It's all about the exposure, the lens, I told her" Any live show experiences you'd like to share? The only time they have ever played in Oklahoma (where I'm from) the festival stage lost power, and you could still hear Hayley singing above thousands of people. Ah-mazing. Hard to pin point a favorite when next weekend is show #8 for me, but for now this is what I'll go with. Interests: photography (I went to school for it, I'm not some random who bought a nice camera who thinks I'm a photographer...) also, movies, roadtrips, and NBA basketball (OKC Thunder) Other Music: yes. Paramore is my favorite band, but I listen to all genres. Currently jamming the Wicked soundtrack as I type this and anything else you'd like to share with us...