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    kayla made me do this and 2011 is laughing so hard
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  1. pavlove


    Ah that's so cool! I must give 'em a read when it's not so late.
  2. pavlove

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    Said date is dinner & a movie with my bf of 2 and a half years haha so it's like an old lady date, not so exciting unfortunately I confess I need to SLEEP but my head hurts and a helicopter crashed into a bar nearby this evening and it's not okay
  3. pavlove

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    I confess that nothing gets more ironic than me joining this site also I'm going on a d8 tomorrow
  4. pavlove


    Unfortunately not haha though I admire people who can get into Star Wars 'cause I don't have the attention span! Ah that's awesome, what do you write?
  5. pavlove

    Hot People Thread - Part 3

    I always thought I'd be above being a Harry Styles girl but one day it just happened and there's no turning back
  6. pavlove


    .........................mostly the latter, the former is still in progress
  7. pavlove

    Top 10 Favourite Bands/Artists

    1. Fall Out Boy 2. Brand New 3. Paramore 4. Green Day 5. New Found Glory 6. Bayside 7. Fireworks 8. Childish Gambino 9, Jay Z 10. The Xcerts this is a very confused list, i'm also only 100% about the order of the first three
  8. pavlove


    well i can think of one good example of another case of you causing my downfall *side eyes yr sig*
  9. pavlove


    Kayla made me do this with her jedi mind powers but that's okay because I love Paramore too. I'm 19 and a student and a writer I guess (using that term extremely liberally). Hope everyone is goood