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  1. I'm 26, I may not be perfect but I thank God for being alive and healthy.

  2. @KimKardashian Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to you and and Kanye!!

  3. RT @PIX11News: Saved! Huge Biggie Smalls mural will stay on Bed-Stuy building https://t.co/2AgrlI8PfZ https://t.co/ehUmti7MYM

  4. if jesus existed, which i do believe he did, he suffered more on earth. its not in my intention to compare but instead be humbled by life.

  5. Serious mode, still goes along with the flow. Everything that comes to be seen Once unknown in the dark Working it's way to appear + be

  6. Yes. https://t.co/dkA5Yq2UP3

  7. Id hate to think Im associated with an audience dosent appreciate brand new but I know I was satisfied and loved every minute of it

  8. Saw Brand New last night, not what I expected of a set list, but still, an amazing show and awesome experience.

  9. moomoocat

    NY Jingle Ball

    Yeah, I was just wondering because they have 5 artists at the pre jingle ball show but 6 hours, found it weird they would only do 4 songs in that time frame. I went there 5 years ago but only went to see Lady Gaga, don't remember how many songs she did, it may have only been four actually. Thanks for the response
  10. moomoocat

    NY Jingle Ball

    Im thinking of seeing Paramore tomorrow at the Pre Jingle Ball show. But I had noticed in past jingle balls this year they only performed 4 songs. Will they be performing more songs or only the 4?