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  1. There are not enough tissues in the world. https://t.co/5BAJPOt40t

  2. Turn down for what? Turn down for this! Check out @UABB's cover on the new @punk_goes! @LilJon @FINALLEVEL @djsnake https://t.co/pKBkI7RwKj

  3. Check out the Punk Goes Pop 6 album stream! It's such a good album!https://t.co/3nnA0WvnpI

  4. Hey @lordemusic have you seen @YouthInRevoltUS 's cover of your song Royals? It's off of the new Punk Goes Pop 6 album! They did a great job

  5. RT @craigowens: "I only wish my words could just convince myself that it just wasn't real... but that's not the way it feels."

  6. The Ain't It Fun cover by @TylerCarter4L and @LukeHollandd seemed like a lot of fun to do! So check it out! @paramore @punk_goes

  7. Hey guys! Seeing as how you're all fans of Paramore (obviously), I thought that I'd share this cover of Ain't It Fun with you guys! It's by a band called We Came As Romans! Check it out!
  8. Check out my Pop Goes Pop compilation on Spotify! Only 5 more days until Punk Goes Pop 6 releases! ♫ Punk Goes Pop http://t.co/gWMqNOCyhl