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  1. @benn_hunter @YourMusicWhore finally someone who is woke

  2. @luscasdpnt amei a direção mais ambient/drone

  3. @Jersey_Jinx you speak portuguese too? lol

  4. @JoeBudden any insider info if drake is really dropping in June?

  5. @flyinglotus new album never??

  6. @samtrichard15 @verypalehipster lol

  7. THANK YOU @KIDCUDI AND @KANYEWEST ❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/AiZ31edmo6

  8. @KidCudi @WAV_Media https://t.co/vgGnc72mlP

  9. RT @KidCudi: KIDS SEE GHOSTS ALBUM ART https://t.co/MVt5vIzlA1

  10. @tweetbot hey there! quick question: do you plan on releasing a new tweetbot for iphone version soon? like tweetbot… https://t.co/jaKAXtPetF

  11. @spiketeejoint hey man, just sent a dm

  12. RT @kanyewest: https://t.co/xYu7lH1rZ7

  13. @brainfeeder_ thats crazy bro... i’m happy to see you succeed though... and all the beats and stuff you do is crazy as well congrats

  14. @KNARLYdb listening party?

  15. @Gregthlr nicki delayed to august 10