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    Hi guys! My name is Anna,I am self-taught guitarist and a big Paramore fan,can't wait to see them again live! I am also interested in designing t-shirts and accessories.
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    New Member Icebreaker

    Welcome to the family Jay,no matter how old you are! It is great to have you here. I remember when I was queuing for Paramore gig I saw a guy about 30-40 years old with own made Paramore t-shirt, and I was thinking "Yeah,that man is so cool,I wish he will be my dad!" Cheers!
  2. Hi! Yeah I am happy to help!
  3. Hi guys! Covered Ain't it fun few month ago, actually it is a mash up of when it rains and hallelujah as well.. All guitar parts played by me,drums and bass line is downloaded from karaoke version website. I am thinking about recording video for it as well. Used Guitar Link Interface and Guitar Rig to record my guitar. Hope you guys enojoy it Let me know what you think,please! Cheers! https://youtu.be/VFrq9R6fxvY PS.Ambitextrous Drummer - Love your covers!
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    Hi,I like your videos! Good idea with acoustic guitar on background. Nice quality as well. Are you going to record more of those unpacking videos?
  5. wolfhorse8

    Hi,Ambidextrous drummer here!:)

    Hi Jordi! I Awesome covers,love them all! Looking forward for new ones! And,those lighting drums.. wow amazing! Keep playing,gret job!
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    Hi guys! Username: wolfhorse First name: Anna Age: 21 Gender: Female How did you come across this amazing fansite that is paramorefans.com? Googled to find forum where I can really chat with other fans,because Paramore.net is spammed so,so much.. How did you come across the amazing band that is Paramore/ how long have you been a fan? In High School one of my friends was drawing in her notebook something with Riot font during the lesson,then explained me where her idea came from.But at that time I was listening to totally different type of music(DJ Tiesto etc),so I wasn't interested to check the band she told me about.Another day,when I was in my sister house watching mtv,they played Decode song.She told me-Anna,dye your hair like that!I said:No,no way..That's not my style. Then few moths later,also over her house I've heard Miz Biz on MTV.And that solo..And I thought: Damn!It was better than all those techno songs I've ever listened! And here we go,I've started lisening to their songs,listening pop-punk stuff,then rock,also hardrock and heavy metal as well Everything started from Miz Biz Favorite Paramore song? Not easy question...I think I am singing For Pessimist the most so I guess that one is my fav.Also like Proof,it gives me positive kick Any live show experiences you'd like to share? Yeah,in Warsaw,Poland 2011.Love how she is singing with the crowd That was my first gig ever btw Everybody's jumping! I also recorded some Paramore covers I would like to share with you Ain't it fun,whein it rains & hallelujah cover (drum & bass backing track purchased from karaokeversion website,all guitar parts recorded by myself) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFrq9R6fxvY Let The Flames Begin (also all guitar parts played by myself,only drum tracke I got from youtube) https://soundcloud.com/anna-370/paramore-ltfb