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  1. wusgood

    An old fan

    @jugrinba jus start topics relevant to the band or join in other conversations. unfortunately this forum isnt as active as it used to be but some of us frequent from time to time. if u want a more active site than i'd suggest Paramore's official unofficial page on Reddit
  2. wusgood

    How would you feel about new members?

    i really dont care that much either way tbh. Aaron has maintained his place in the band is touring only. i'd love if Zac rejoined, but that's also unlikely since he jus put out a new LP with his band Halfnoise. i imagine Hayley and Taylor wouldn't mind if Justin or Jon were to join but seeing as how nothing's happened yet im guessing they jus dont wanna join for reasons we'll prolly never know.
  3. Zac himself confirms what we already knew, however he's not rejoining the band permanently (for now at least). Full interview with Idobi Radio below. http://i.ido.bi/assets/audio/2016/07/HalfNoise-Interview.mp3
  4. https://twitter.com/paramore/status/743870334068195329 Zac is confirmed on the new record
  5. wusgood

    Writing The Future

    It was but I mean I don't blame him for leaving. Their label situation is fucked up and really isn't fair to Jeremy or any other member not named Hayley. But it is what it is, and I'm jus glad that Taylor and co. stuck around for us
  6. wusgood

    Who have you seen live?

    Only concert I've ever been to was Juicy J (it was lit tho) Going to see Blink in August
  7. I really wouldn't care either way. If we get another skater boy song type single tho that'd be dope
  8. wusgood

    Help me find this shirt fam

    Good lookin out
  9. Hayley tweeted a pic today of her, T, JMJ and Zac... So it may be safe to assume that Zac may be doing drums for the record and JMJ is back producing. Really don't know how I feel about this. I love that Zac's potentially back, but I feel like with JMJ back producing it's gonna be the same record as S/T (which was awesome!) but I kinda want a different vibe with album no.5, that's jus me tho
  10. Did some hardcore lurking and Hayely liked a fansites tweet asking if they're gonna record soon Seeing how it took them about 7-8 months to record S/T (and possibly longer to mix and master) we may be in for a long summer fam
  11. Didn't see a thread so I thought "why not" According to Hayley they're "almost home" (https://twitter.com/yelyahwilliams/status/738567906993274880) Does this mean they're almost done writing or demoing (or maybe both)??? Who will produce??? What direction will they go with this one??? Either way I jus want some new music lol. And mods if I'm in the wrong sxn u can move it idc
  12. Ok I'm looking for the "More More More More" shirt (I'm sure y'all know what I'm talmbout). Adult Medium sized (imma guy). If u have one and are willing to sell it that'd be dope!
  13. wusgood

    Goosebump moments in music?

    Brand New - Jesus Christ: Jus the whole atmosphere of the song, from the hushed lyrics to the haunting guitar. And the ending is very chilling American Football - Honestly?: Great song, the outro gives me chills. Makes me reminisce about my childhood. Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me: The intro gets me everytime. Tame Impala - Eventually: Amazing band and album (Currents). The way the song transitions from synth to synth is crazy, and when Kevin reaches the hook I get teleported to another world
  14. wusgood

    Paramore... What Now?

    I agree. If we're being honest Jeremy was prolly the least creative force behind the 3 (no shade), so the actual musical aspect of them prolly won't change that much. It's this legal stuff between Jeremy and Hayley that's concerning to me