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  1. Zac's Back!

    Yeah, Zac is amazing! Taylor, Hayley, and Zac are my favourite all-time members, so I am ecstatic about the current lineup and I hope it stays this way! I love HalfNoise! I love As U Wave, Sudden Feeling, Velvet Face, Scooby's, Someday, Swim / Bird, and Love You Back!
  2. Questions for Paramore

    They grew up. It's just like me asking what happened to all your childhood toys and your cot. They were all teenagers. Zac, the youngest member, is now 27. He was fifteen when they started, I think. But that doesn't mean that their old music somehow disappeared out of existence.
  3. The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    I confess that I'm supposed to be studying for prelim exams but I'm on here instead (I love how the department of education hasn't blocked this yet!)
  4. Questions for Paramore

    I think that, maybe, since the orange mic was probably a reference to Hayley's hair, and she may no longer want that colour, they thought it was time to end it?
  5. The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    I confess that Zac has helped me get back into my love for photography. With a little side-help from Life Is Strange.
  6. Paramore Emoticons!

    Yay, I'm glad y'all support it I hope it can happen XD
  7. Paramore Emoticons!

    Well, diamondgarden.net and altboards.com have a practically identical layout design, just a different colour scheme. I'm pretty sure they use the same system. But thank you!
  8. KROQ Weenie Roast Interview

    I'm so ready for all of these interviews.
  9. Paramore on The Late Late Show with James Corden 5/24

    I think he's pretty funny. Some comedians can also be incredibly rude, he isn't on the very rude side. I like him
  10. can we make the profile pictures a slightly bigger file size? the other forum i'm on that uses the same software has 49mb as the size limit. this site is, like, 49kb. also there's no option to edit the header :(

  11. The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    Yeah, it's nice to meet you, too! I confess that I, too, have been working on seeing Paramore live. Even though they haven't announced tour dates for anywhere near where I live and they probably won't even come to Australia (although, Zac loves New Zealand and Australia is right next door, so you never know...), I already have a list of plans. My partner and I are going to try to learn the Miz Biz dance, and we're hoping to be able to dye our hair half-orange half-pink, and they will dress like After Laughter Hayley and I will dress like Riot! Hayley, and we're going to make a bunch of signs, asking if we can do Miz Biz. We've even started saving up money purely for Paramore and I've already got $120. Hold onto hope if you got it, right?
  12. The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    I confess that I only found out about HalfNoise around April, and I only started listening to them(?) a few days ago. But I'm obsessed. Yesss! Someone's active! And same. I guess we're the only two for now.
  13. I'm not really up-to-date with Avril, but I love her, and that'd be awesome imo. OH MY GOD THIS! I am so here for the concept of new music like the Let Go sound, or maybe even Best Damn Thing!
  14. Questions for Paramore

    Wait, original version? I'm not aware that there's a different version
  15. The Confession Thread - Pt. 12

    I confess that I haven't been on here much and I need to be more active...but it's kinda hard because it feels so dead? I also confess that I am on here in class when I'm supposed to be doing work