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    Username: ToldYouSo1976 First name: Hamnet (Shakespeare's son don't you know - not me, the name lol) Age: 41 Gender: Male Location: Buckinghamshire, UK How did you come across this amazing fansite that is paramorefans.com? Good old Google How did you come across the amazing band that is Paramore/ how long have you been a fan? I actually bought All We Know is Falling from a recommendation from a friend. Favorite Paramore song? Part II Favorite lyric? Dancing all alone To the sound of an enemy’s song Any live show experiences you'd like to share? Not yet. Seeing them in Birmingham and London next week - made myself a cool jacket which I am wearing to both gigs. Anyone attending? Message me Interests: Attending as many music concerts as I can, cinema, travelling, driving, Doctor Who, Star Trek Other Music: Due to my age I like 80s and 90s Rock: Manic Street Preachers, Placebo - that sort of thing and anything else you'd like to share with us... I just find 99% of Paramore's lyrics I can relate to throughout my turbulent life. Hayley has such an amazing voice.