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  1. daymiiiii

    you know paramore is getting big when...

    welllll the hollister down here, was selling AWKIF like... when it first came out. ahahaa i like going into hollister so i can pick the songs :] oooooooooh i heard crushcrushcrush playing when i was in delias on friday. it was funny 'cause i was singing it...and there was these ghetto people in there staring at me like if i was weird. hahahha
  2. daymiiiii

    Favorite Hayley Picture Part II

    i took that last one !
  3. daymiiiii

    photos! miami warped...

    these are awesome. it makes me wish i didn't have to leave early even more hah
  4. daymiiiii

    Pictures from Rollingstone.com

    lol the tornados weren't that strong...thank god! loll anyways, THANKS FOR POSTINGGG! maaan i wish i saw johnathan there. and ahaha i didn't even know there was tornados in miami....until warped tour.
  5. daymiiiii

    Favorite Hayley Picture Part II

    thanks!! (: (:
  6. daymiiiii

    Paramore 2007 US Tour Video

    you are all welcomeee (:
  7. http://youtube.com/watch?v=L0Sgp4toSms :]] i think when they show taylor with the mask on, that was at the show i was at, cause he kept doing it and then some guy came off the bus to tape him, and he was making noises and stuff it was funnny the guy filming stood right next to me to film it lolllll but that's only if they didn't do that on other days lol
  8. daymiiiii

    HALLELUJAH video to be released friday

    i noticed ^^^^ i looove the video..it made me cry LOL
  9. daymiiiii

    Signing Booth

    I got there about an hour early, and I thought my friends and I were kinda in the front...but then out of no where the security guards brings a whole bunch of other people and form a line next to the main one..and they got to go first which sucked lol And hope you don't have that at&t lady, she was there at the meet and greet I went to and she kept telling people to move, and cause of her I didn't get to say anything to zac :[ Have fun though :D
  10. daymiiiii

    Favorite Hayley Picture Part II

    LOLOLOL^^ some i took: (:
  11. daymiiiii

    Paramore Swim Through the Warped Tour

    hahah i love this video. i didn't think they would mention anything about our lovely miami weather. haha and it's adorable how hayley played with her shoes hah
  12. daymiiiii

    Dreams About Paramore

    wellll along time ago i had a dream that paramore was playing in the middle of a forrest...and i was the only watching them? it was weird ahahaha i had another one but i can't remember it loll
  13. daymiiiii

    warped tour miami

    yeah she was holding onto her the WHOLE time, and fanning hayley. it was real annoying about her holding on to her hayley and whispering in her ear to like tell her what to do. and thank yooou! <33(:
  14. daymiiiii

    warped tour miami

    and we took a picture with the merch guy....but to me it didn't really look like aaron?
  15. daymiiiii

    warped tour miami