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  1. ParamoreFan55

    New LJ post

    That was greatttt. I love Hayley.
  2. ParamoreFan55

    9/9 Tempe, AZ - pics, reviews?

    I went to that show! It was really amazing. And yeah i know i kept getting smashed on and landed on when Hit th lights played! that show was proably the best night of my freakign life!!
  3. ParamoreFan55

    **~Simple Plan~**

    ^ OHH MYYY GOSHH!!! I Liek it though! :]]]
  4. ParamoreFan55

    Old School Blues Game :D

    ^ Yeah that's true. I aslo remember CAPTIN PLANET! HAHA! he was the best!
  5. ParamoreFan55

    The 'What wouldyou do game'..

    WOW! PANIC! uhhh SCARY! i guess i would ditch my birthday party. lol wwydi Zac left Paramore?
  6. ParamoreFan55

    **~Simple Plan~**

    AWWW! YESS! haha I love David's hair :]]]
  7. ParamoreFan55


    I never heard this song before. And i don't plan on hearing it. at least if it is on the new album. :]] I can't wait!
  8. I agree with not letting anyone put leaked things on these boards because i personally woldn't even download anything that is leaked if it even wasn't supposed to be out yet.
  9. ParamoreFan55

    **~Simple Plan~**

    ^ Yess!! I love How Seb is letting his hair grow out now. lol haha
  10. ParamoreFan55

    The 'What wouldyou do game'..

    I would freak out and go crazyy. wwyd if Paramore lived next door to you? (=0)
  11. ParamoreFan55

    Caption game!

    ^ Lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. ParamoreFan55

    Old School Blues Game :D

    haha yeah i know i got one of these like collectables special one that are liek rare. and now it's sitting in dust in my garage. LOL! how ironic
  13. ParamoreFan55

    **~Simple Plan~**

    haha nice lol
  14. ParamoreFan55

    red jumpsuit apparatus

    I lvoe this band. just got there cd. It's amazing!
  15. ParamoreFan55

    Old School Blues Game :D

    HAHA!! YES!! lol well they where liek the cooliest everr!