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  1. senshuk3n

    AOL Music Sessions - GO VOTE!

    This incident is not without precedent. See here for a similiar incident that occurred a few months ago while Daphne Loves Derby was competing with Envy On the Coast. http://z12.invisionfree.com/Daphne_Loves_Derby/index.php?showtopic=1381&st=540 Apparently AOL prefers one vote per person, although it was not explicitly stated anywhere on the site at the time (I have not checked recently). I'd explain a little more, but that thread does a lot of explaining for itself. There are a lot of fans of other bands sharing similar sentiments.
  2. senshuk3n

    The last thread

    Sorry I must have misinterpreted the last few replies, but I am glad things are starting to shape up. Honestly this whole thing has taken my thoughts hostage over the past few days and it's really messed with me. Thankfully, it's getting easier. During the stretch of shock and disgust I had, I'm also apologetic for the things I thought and said over the past few days. And though I never really let my frustrations be known to most of you, I also feel some remorse. My sister tapped me on the shoulder during dinnertime and asked me if I was working on anything for PF lately (she was excited to know I helped with something to do with one of her favorite bands), and quite frankly I told her I wasn't sure why I had ever done anything for them (the images Diego had showed me weighed heavily on my mind during that meal). I regret telling her that, because in truth, I really enjoyed helping out this community, and sharing my knowledge and experience with Diego and others. I'm sorry for the snap judgments I had made - no matter how well deserved they may have been, I usually try to reserve my judgments, and for misinterpretations, misunderstandings and other things I say/have said that have caused anyone any grief.
  3. senshuk3n

    The last thread

    I don't think you can fault Glo for trying to be honest. Maybe it's too late for some of you, but I believe she's trying to set everything straight now. To be quite honest, I made a snap judgment about her because of what I saw, and since I had no prior conversation with her, that's all I had to go by. After reading what she has said about everything going on, I know she's doing her best to rectify the wrongs she's accepted she's done. Everyone deserves chances to right the wrongs. Working with Diego extensively on the website for the past few months, in a way, has served to give me insight on a lot of people in this community. Let me tell you that it has always been something positive and that's what really motivated me to get down to the bottom of what ever problems the site was giving Diego and the staff. I know there is still a lot of positive left to take in. Although I'll no longer be able to do this, the bitter taste in my mouth has subsided to a degree, and I would very much like to see PF continue to be a positive experience for its users.
  4. senshuk3n

    The last thread

    glorya, I really believe that your response to this situation, the way you have handled it, has been the best thing for us as a community to have read. This is taking nothing away from what others have said, but I feel like what was most upsetting to people regarding what was said in the staff forum has finally been addressed and is being reconciled. I feel like, although respect has been lost, as upsetting as it has been for all parties, it can be gained back. As disappointed as I was, even though I wasn't directly addressed in any of the images Diego had posted, I did take offense and I was struck by the people it was coming from. Reading Brent's thoughts on it, and now yours, does a lot to ease the tension. It's really encouraging to see people all over coming to realizations, whether it was on their own or helped along. This has become a good situation born out of a bad one. I really, really admire this community for that.
  5. senshuk3n

    The last thread

    Clearly this has been a very disappointing series of events for PF, but as it has been mentioned before, I believe this is also the best time to begin healing. I don’t know if anyone else had felt this, but I did sense a building of tension even before any of this happened. Though it did not surprise me that it has all come out to the forefront now, I am still very disappointed with individuals whom have taken advantage of the trust and respect of the general users of PF. Opinions can change, however, and Brent’s sincerity regarding this has shown me the level of maturity I’ve come to expect. While the fallout from this continues, it should not linger as long as we all continue to reconcile with each other. I know how easy it can be to judge someone, especially on a forum such as this, where you are behind a monitor and a keyboard, but everyone deserves respect, courtesy, and a chance to defend his or herself. Being opinionated and being disrespectful are two very different things. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I hope this situation serves to remind us to be mindful of what we say if we want to avoid things like this next time. (I would also like to note that it’s not explicitly stated to be respectful to each other in the forum rules. I would like to suggest that it be emphasized, if only as an obvious reminder.) We have all come here united in our passion for music. I am still thankful to have been a part of it and I am excited for the future.
  6. senshuk3n

    Goodbye PF.com

    It's quite a shame for this to have happened the way it did and I understand where some blame has to be placed. I do, however, believe it's indeed frivolous and when this passes, it will have seemed almost inconceivable why this had to have escalated the way it did. With all that being said, if this is the decision that has been made, I want to thank Diego for every little thing he has done to put this site together. I'm not sure if anyone can really comprehend how much effort it really takes to make PF.com the way it is, and it will be difficult to move on without him. I consider Diego a good friend, and spent hours watching his talents be put to use for this site, hours troubleshooting the tiniest things, and regretfully I share in his desire to leave this community. You have all been great. Rachna, Alyssa, Lisa, and many others, keep in touch... Spectacular fans. The best. Good luck to you all in the future and keep PF.com the #1 fansite on the net.
  7. senshuk3n

    Brand New

    Jesse Lacey's live acoustic stuff is freakin amazing
  8. senshuk3n

    Young Love!

    I saw those on youtube (and I was like oh, I remembered seeing them on this thread!), and then I saw vids of him playing @ someone's dorm. dang lucky Coincidentally I just came across this pic haha
  9. senshuk3n

    Young Love!

    Well I came across a short acoustic set on the DL Show (by AOL), and decided to rip the audio and share it I believe the songs are, Find a New Way, Close Your Eyes, and Nameless One. They're really good quality too if anyone else has good acoustic stuff please share! http://www.sendspace.com/file/x3fmbe
  10. senshuk3n


    Wow jeebus, you got to crowdsurf during Anberlin, that's freakin sweet! Ahh, I know another person who went to bamboozle to see Anberlin too, I wonder if they surfed lol.
  11. senshuk3n

    last movie you watched

    Robin Hood: Men In Tights ^ never, never ever gets old, ever.
  12. senshuk3n

    The Higher

    My sister made the same connection. All the songs off Histrionics and On Fire are high on my iTunes played list. They're one band I haven't seen yet that I'd go out of my way to see.
  13. senshuk3n


    yup, (youtube url here) Alternatively you can click New Reply, and there's a button that does it for you.
  14. senshuk3n

    The Higher

    Yeaah the hidden track is really good too, haha. I listened to this album way too much when it came out. I have a mashup of 2 songs of theirs that I found on limewire called Histriock My Body. It's pretty nice.
  15. senshuk3n

    The Higher

    The Higher is goooood. Can Anyone Really Love Young and DARE are my favorites off the new album You can stream the other songs on their myspace, http://myspace.com/thehigher.