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  1. Trevor

    Mumford & Sons

    Anyone else? =p Favorite tracks? I gave you all = fav. Thistle and weeds, second fav prolly.
  2. Trevor


    Lovin the new record. Up there & Stranger are prolly my favs. Guy Sigsworth did an amazing job w/ the programming stuff he put together for them. It's so nightmare before christmas, haha. Love it.
  3. Trevor

    Trevor's solo stuff

    Back on the solo train again. Just finished up a new one. Check it out.
  4. I wonder how many options they're signed for. They might be able to opt out of their label contract and start doing it on their own. They have the fan base to do it. Would make way more money too. Record the album for nothing -> 15grand-ish as opposed to hundreds of thousands and self release. Going gold on their own dime would probably payout bigger than all of their previous releases combined. =O
  5. Trevor

    Post Your Pictures - Part 8

  6. Trevor

    LOOK! She screams remedy

    thanks guys
  7. Trevor

    LOOK! She screams remedy

    New music, new pictures, new layout. Dooo it. http://www.myspace.com/shescreamsremedy
  8. Trevor

    Post Your Pictures - Part 8

    ps- why the hell did my avatar change?
  9. Trevor

    WHAT!? No Drake Thread?!

    How dare you insult the handicapped! .... LOL
  10. Trevor

    WHAT!? No Drake Thread?!

    I'm all for any rap artists that's going to do his thing over a melody line. Makes it so much more fun to listen to than some ghetto fab dude grunting for 3+ minutes.
  11. Trevor

    WHAT!? No Drake Thread?!

    Thank me later is ridiculous. Favorite tracks anyone? hmm?
  12. Trevor

    The World Cup Thread!

  13. Trevor

    Post Your Pictures - Part 8

    Had to play in hottopic to get our stuff sold there last week. Surprisingly a lot of people showed up. They put me be the womens under wear, naturally.
  14. Trevor

    Post Your Pictures - Part 8

    my hairs pulled back, makes me look like i have a bob