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    name: jana age: 13 <3'z:PARAMORE fave colorz: Pink, Black & Red Fave Mag: AltPress <3'z her iPod
  1. miss_emergency

    Your sexuality?

    awww if you went to my school i would stay right by your side buddy. i wouldnt care about your sexuality. i would only care about your personality. some people can be so inconciderate sometimes.. && just plain mean. they just dont understand..
  2. miss_emergency

    Your sexuality?

    i'm straight.. but i TOTALLY support bi & gay people. i have no problem with them! if they're happy, i'm happy. && i have a few bi, gay && lez friends. they're cool. even tho some tried to make me bi. but i mean.. im not bi but i kinda check out girls.. but i dont like like girls.. boys are fine with me! (even tho they can be butt heads at times.. lol)
  3. miss_emergency

    Cobra Starship

    hahaha i always so "OHH THE DRAMA!!!" now when my friends are really quiet!! hahaha it throws them off and they think im crazy. hahaha
  4. miss_emergency

    Georgia vs. Hawaii (sports)

    Georgia Bull Dogs vs. Hawaii Rainbow Warriors Sugar Bowl 2008 January 1, 2008 First off i'd like to say... CONGRATS Georgia on the HUGE win for the Sugar Bowl Football Game. Secondly, i'd like to say i'm VERY proud of Hawaii for making it THIS far.. we were UNDEFEATED 12-0.. until now. Third, i'd like to say COLT BRENNAN i love you babe. <3 and LASTLY, who else likes FOOTBALL?! i know i do.
  5. miss_emergency

    Who would you like to see Hayley do a duet with?

    ^^ohh yeahh.. i've seen that pic.. haha im such a dummy. hahaha is it on youtube?!
  6. miss_emergency

    Cobra Starship

    ^^mee too! hahaha the dish soap. omg thats hilarious. rylan- hmm? did you say something?! victoria- no.. 5 seconds later victoria- hmm? did you say something?! rylan- no.. announcer- OHH THE DRAMA!!! lol
  7. miss_emergency

    Cobra Starship

    omg i love their commercials on mtv.. VIVA LA COBRA. haha gabe- i think im pregnant! rylan- did you miss?!
  8. miss_emergency

    Who would you like to see Hayley do a duet with?

    patrick stump or william beckett... ohh yeahh
  9. miss_emergency

    Avatars,Graphics,Wallpaper,Photo *Requests* Part 2

    ^now that is COOL. haha catie will like it. i bet she will!
  10. miss_emergency

    Filipino fans unite!!

    what's up my pinoys!!! hahaha i haven't been on this in forevers.. hhaha just wanted to say hi && thank you for repping our culture. mahal kita, jana (i hope i spelt that right!)
  11. miss_emergency

    The Song/Poem/Writing Thread

    wow.. it's like everytime i come on this thread.. the writters just get better and better! you guys are AWESOME and i'm NOT just saying that. wow i missed this thread. you know what.. i'm gonna go and write a song or two and a poem so i can post here again.. haha. ohh yeahh && mariah, natasha && james... wow. you're guys work is totally kick ass.
  12. miss_emergency

    Hot Girls thread

    i'm not gayy or bi or anything but hell yeahh TILA TEQUILLA && HAYLEY WILLIAMS && MEGAN FOX... damn they're sexy.
  13. miss_emergency

    Band videotaping at concerts??

    i thought you weren't allowed to video tape at concerts??
  14. miss_emergency

    Avatars,Graphics,Wallpaper,Photo *Requests* Part 2

    as you can see... haha i need a new siggy please. so i was wondering if anyone wanted to make me a super rad paramore siggy?? its all up to you. i'll let you pick the picz and colors and everything. && i'm credit u for it. mkayy thanks! <3 jana