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  1. jtrosper

    Decode Video

    jeremy looks so different with the short hair. and just wondering but WHEN are they gonna introduce Taylor as an offical member of the band so he can get in some videos???
  2. jtrosper

    LOOK! She screams remedy

    i believe once you make music that you love than some people will love it and you may have no control over who they are. i understand where you're coming from but you cant be making music to appeal to just "these people" but im sure you already know that. as long as its what you love than nothing else really matters.
  3. jtrosper

    Anthony Green

    i think hes really great. just has one of those unique voices like claudio from coheed and cambria
  4. jtrosper

    New LJ Post 6-13-08

    name droppin' like nobody's business. [13 Jun 2008|06:14pm] [ mood | jubilant ] [ music | kid dynamite - "pacifier" ] thanks to everyone on the birthday wishes for RIOT! it's so hard to believe the record's been out for a year and a day. we've been able to experience so much within one single year... it makes my head spin. we never thought the record would do what it's done. we have you to thank for all of it! _____________________________________________ before i get into what we've been up to on our off day. i wanna say a few things about yesterday. [edit: read it slowly if you don't wanna get dizzy.] i woke up in a Swedish forest. hahah. it was so crazy. i looked out my bunk window to find that i was surrounded by seemingly mythical trees. straight up Treebeard status!!! we had a crazy amount of press/promotion which turned out to be a lot of fun due to the fact that there were a lot of fans hangin out for most of it. then, our buddies in Jimmy Eat World showed up mid-way through the day and we got to chat with them for a bit. (we are so lucky to have toured with them!!!) after that, we were introduced to a man who's written at least a million of your favorite songs from your kid-hood, Max Martin. (google him, now!) when the time came to play, we made our way to the stage and were met by Tom Morello - coughRageAgainstThe Machinecough. he'd seen us back in the AWKIF days at the 2006 Warped Pre-Party at the Key Club and he'd come out to see us play again! that's a stand up fella. he watched the majority of the set, which of course inspired us to be even rowdier than usual and then he left to prepare for Rage's set. i caught a few songs from JEW's set before running over in a fine frenzy to catch Rage. they were incredible. so much larger than life. to keep this from getting any longer, Tom came toward us during "Sleep Now In The Fire" and applauded us, saying he enjoyed our show... which was only topped by the fact that he did this all while still playing his parts perfectly. stupid good. check out some pics of their set from sidestage on paramore.net (in the mobile stream section). all in all the night was incredible. we met some incredibly talented people (oh, i forgot to name drop Anti-Flag... Mr. Justin Sane - best dude ever... ok, name dropping complete), we played a great show, and hung out in a forest while on tour. awesome. this is the part where i apologize. no, not for that...... just FOR NAME DROPPING SO MUCH UP THERE. wow, this is so long. but i'll keep going anyway. we spent today in Oslo, Norway. hangin out with trolls and vikings and doing things that trolls and vikings do. like search for a vegetarian restaurant for an hour before giving up and going to Friday's. (aaron and i thought we could eat better for the remainder of the tour and i was attempting to look out for my throat a little better by cutting dairy as well). unfortunately, we haven't run into many options in the way of vegetarian/vegan so we have chosen to resign. i'll start over when i'm home and can get to Sam and Zoes!!! if you live in the Franklin/Nashville area, check it out. i bought some sweet Norwegian souvenirs; just little odds and ends for a friend who's birth father was from norway. she was actually in the TWYG video, pulling aaron away from his girlfriend, jenna? (who, by the way, really is his gf in real life... woohoo). and tonight all of us - band AND crew - had a nice family dinner at the local hard rock cafe. so, next stop: the Norwegian Wood Festival! this is our first trip to norway, so we're really looking forward to meeting some fans and introducing ourselves to a brand new audience.
  5. jtrosper

    One thing about yourself

    I act more confident on the outside when really im insecure on the inside.
  6. jtrosper

    Hayley with a guy voice...?

    haha yeah thats how i feel. i clearly like all the originals better but i would still definitely buy this cd if it had that sound.
  7. jtrosper

    Hayley's Late

    possibly one of the cutest videos ive ever seen
  8. jtrosper

    whats your name??

    Jack Michael Trosper a friend of mine thought my nickname should have been JMike when i was younger but most people had different ideas.
  9. jtrosper

    Last song played on your iPod/MP3 player

    until we get caught - hit the lights
  10. jtrosper

    Final Riot Tour

    yeah i guess youre right. id rather them just come here than come with warped tour. 30 minutes of paramore is such a tease.
  11. jtrosper

    LOOK! She screams remedy

    this is some really good stuff bro. itll only be a matter of time before yall get big so dont forget about us when you do. ha keep us updated.
  12. jtrosper

    Paramorefans.com is Back!

    woo hoo
  13. jtrosper

    New LJ Post from Hayley (6.7.08)

    im just glad its been taken off ebay.
  14. jtrosper

    Final Riot Tour

    im so disappointed there are no texas dates.