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  1. rewind_xx

    Limited Edition Hurley Hoodies

    i think that you can get the hoodie on the FBR/paramore.net store later because it says 'Limited amount available only on Paramore's Final Riot! Summer Tour 2008 and online in the Fueled By Ramen webstore.' and when you try to order it, it says it will be available to the public soon. oh i hope so. damn this tour not coming to wisconsin haha
  2. rewind_xx

    Hayley's new piercing?

    my friend saw her get it pierced at summerfest yesterday, she told me yesterday and i guess its true [: i think it looks awesome, suits her well
  3. rewind_xx

    Jimmy Kimmel Live! 4/4/08

    lol yeah. that pretty much really pissed me off lol but the performance was awesome thank god they played TWYG taylor got a lot of camera time too which was said already, but nonetheless made me happy they all sounded great aah. i love it when they're occasionally on regular tv [like Conan too] cause i dont have cable; but if i saw them on mtv everyday i'd probably go nuts i always get huge adrenaline rushes during the commericals before they go on LOL nonetheless; it was amazing. im so proud of them
  4. rewind_xx

    Tab for Love

    hey that sounds pretty accurate and the second guitar part sounds right too good job &&& thanks a bunch!!
  5. rewind_xx

    U.K Riot Tour Songs

    idk if this has been posted.. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=eXLI3K8EBck video of them playing sweetness [most amazing thing i've ever heard]
  6. rewind_xx

    Mizbiz Xmas solo

    haha.. not one of them HEY JOSH!! idk why but i love that. the new solo sounds great, and THANK YOU FOR THE TAB!
  7. rewind_xx

    help me !!

    haha you're welcome
  8. rewind_xx

    Favorite Josh Pic.

    get the url for it, [right click, im sure you know how to do that] and then in the url there will be dimensions.. like 150x149 or something and change that to like 600x600 or w/e you so please for instance: http://blastmob .com/ warner/paramore_open/netothumbs/ 198x149 /ad/0103081854.jpg change those. and obviously without the spaces haha
  9. rewind_xx

    help me !!

  10. rewind_xx

    help me !!

    btw.. the last one she is with nick trevisick, hes a producer; she was prolly around 15
  11. rewind_xx

    Favorite Josh Pic.

    that was just posted on the paramore.net mobile stream from josh edit: clearer pic:
  12. rewind_xx

    Is Hayley nice?

    is that a rhetorical question? hah of course she is shes incredibly nice
  13. rewind_xx

    Playing at MTV New Years Eve

    yes. she was haha but they look like one she wore like once on tour in 06.. but prolly not
  14. rewind_xx

    Avatars,Graphics,Wallpaper,Photo *Requests* Part 2

    hah, i mean like all fancy dancy [baha] and the words, i already made the code but it's okay, i made it myself a while ago thanks for offering though [: it's from the 6.6.06 show in japan.. theres pics in the gallery [under live pics]and under band pics click on japan tour
  15. rewind_xx

    Avatars,Graphics,Wallpaper,Photo *Requests* Part 2

    hey, if anyone is bored, would you mind making me a myspace background with this picture: http://i6.tinypic.com/8fnjo1z.jpg and saying "hands to the sky" on it? just please, don't make it wider than 625pixels [and it would just be used as a corner background] SUPERR thanks to anyone whos up to it =D