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    Name's Rachel. I live, breathe, and eat music. I'm looking forward to college, a lot.
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  1. 4/10 The Last Words by Ivoryline
  2. punku2

    Wordle & Last.fm

  3. I don't know Staralfur by Sigur Ros
  4. I'm looking forward to visiting my boyfriend.
  5. -shrug- The Widow by As Cities Burn.
  6. punku2


    known about these guys for a long time. disappointed as hell when they split. Phantoms is such a legit album.
  7. punku2


    another pointless, yet entertaining Last.FM widget. http://lastgraph3.aeracode.org/
  8. punku2

    Wordle & Last.fm

  9. 0 Accidents by Alexisonfire
  10. No clue. Genesis by Forgive Durden
  11. punku2

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    pulmonary archery by alexisonfire
  12. punku2


    most pointless website ever, in my opinion.
  13. punku2

    Wordle & Last.fm

    ahah, I know what you mean. although, I don't really miss my pre highschool phases, but I would like to reflect on what I listened to the past couple of years.
  14. punku2

    What are you listening to? - Part 9

    Accidents by Alexisonfire
  15. punku2

    Post *your* pictures - Part 7

    you vaguely remind me of jared leto circa 2000.