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  1. PlzSpeakSoftly


    ahh if this is for real i'm going to freak. i've become so obsessed with anarbor over the summer it is not even funny. i'm going to like three dates, i have to!!
  2. PlzSpeakSoftly

    The Maine

    so i'm seeing them in like a week. did anyone preorder tickets and get the tour laminate (early entry) and tour poster? i'm kind of confused on how the early entry is going to work. if anyone else got it and has already been to a show, is it necessary for me to get there extremely early? i don't mind because i definitely want to be front row. i've waited for this show for so long..i'm excited beyond words!
  3. PlzSpeakSoftly


    i'm going to join the forums!!! it's been forever since i've gotten on PF's so i'm way behind on stuff. ve's performance was amazing like always at warped!! at their signing i got to use my skip the line pass that i got from their show in april, because i preordered..anyways sierra was like "i see you are using your skip the line pass, that's awesome" blake just gave me and adorable smile and devin was precious as always and said thank you so much! such sweet and humble people. their signing line was actually pretty long. it's good to see they are getting more and more positive feedback from people. i just got a new camera so it takes some pretty good videos...here are the ones from warped.
  4. PlzSpeakSoftly

    Riot! Turns Three!

    When Riot! came out June 12, 2007 I was on my way out of town. I begged my mom to take me to wal-mart before we left so I could buy it. The first time I listened to the CD I was so excited. Riot! was different from AWKIF, but I still loved it. At Warped that summer I was shocked at how many people knew their songs. I had seen them the summer before on their first headlining tour, so it was awesome to see how far they had come in just a year. I always knew they were going to make it big. Riot! is not my favorite Paramore album, but it is an incredible CD that I will never stop listening to. I think everyones favorite album is the one that made them discover the band. So for me my favorite Paramore album will always be, All We Know Is Falling. I know no matter what, I will continue to love and support the band. Paramore still has a long road ahead of them and I am nothing but excited to watch them succeed at everything they do. Give it up for Riot! because it helped launch the bands career, only three short years ago.
  5. PlzSpeakSoftly

    The Maine

    not crazy about growing up...hopefully i will change my mind.
  6. PlzSpeakSoftly


    i personally like figure it out better than fixed at zero....
  7. PlzSpeakSoftly


    yeah...kind of. i was like wTF you have a whole nother EP!
  8. PlzSpeakSoftly


    yes, but i didn't get the whole thing...just the into thing celeste or whatever. i was kind of upset with the setlist but it was okay... whisperer fixed at zero hider mind reader moments between sleep stranger toxic (brittany spears cover) clocks figure it out past praying for they didn't play any old songs :/ people started chanting one more song and they kept saying we don't have anymore songs. i was like WTF play consider the sea or something!!! but they were good none the less
  9. PlzSpeakSoftly


    i just saw them last night and it was freaking incredible. i have tons of videos so i will post them later
  10. PlzSpeakSoftly

    The Maine

    just bought my preorder tickets...CANNOT FUCKING WAIT early entry bitche$$$$
  11. PlzSpeakSoftly

    US Spring Tour 2010

    my computer is being really slow right now, so it's kind of lame, but these are the only two pictures i've got put up, haha. on the other hand i have a few vids uploaded to youtube, so here they are. the sound quality is pretty good, but please excuse my screaming, singing, and continuous moving of the camera. i couldn't stand still, haha The Only Exception: Pressure: Playing God <333: For A Pessimist: Brighter <333333333333333: i recorded all the songs, but i just haven't gotten them uploaded yet!! hope you all enjoy
  12. PlzSpeakSoftly

    US Spring Tour 2010

    aww i love the M&G pictures!!! i have pics from the show (VA) that are pretty good. i will post in a few!!
  13. PlzSpeakSoftly

    US Spring Tour 2010

    ^ you will have a blast. favorite paramore show to date. they sounded incredible and the set list was great. i wish they would have done the miracle outro though...
  14. PlzSpeakSoftly

    Jenna on stage - happy birthday

    aww that was so sweet. i love how josh lights up around her. he was beyond happy last night when i saw them. i'm glad he is doing well
  15. PlzSpeakSoftly

    US Spring Tour 2010

    ^ yeah, i heard them playing it...hayley didn't sing much, it was more just the instruments..i'm sure they were just doing it for fun (no pun intended...ha ha ha...bad joke)