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    Riot! Song elemination round 2

    woohoo first to post! i voted hallelujah too
  2. voted twyg i hate it when my classmates are pretending that they really like paramore when they heard this song,it's annoying although i actually love this song
  3. buzzy

    new pics by jeremy

    can anybody give me the link to jeremys' myspace?
  4. buzzy

    Taylor's Hair

    i love his long hair it looks so cool when he does headbanging:wink: but short is good either
  5. buzzy

    The Blends/Graphics/Avatars/Wallpapers Thread - Part 4

    can i use the second one?
  6. buzzy

    Hayley's 20th birthday...

  7. buzzy


    can somebosy reupload this file using rapidshare maybe?
  8. buzzy


    happy birthday dude!!! love ya!
  9. buzzy

    Make comments to PARAMORE!

    Hey guys! I just want you to know that i am one of your biggest fan and i love all of your songs!i am before this an avril lavigne fans.i always check on her boards and fortunately,i stumble across you guys in the other band or artist section.you guys have a lot of fans there you know!and at that moment,i am searching for a new band and new songs cause i've tired listening to the same band and same song over and over again.and there's a thread about paramore and this thing came over my mind "i think i'd found what i've been looking for so long".since i'm too young,living in a small town(where your albums is not in stores here),i wouldn't been aloud to use my parents credit card(to buy your album through ebay,etc),there no other way to hear your music instead of downloading off from torrent site.i never heard any of your songs until i've finished downloading your first album,all we know is falling in the year 2006(i guess i 'm a bit late=p).and when i finished listening all the songs in the album,i fall in love with your music.your music was great!.plus,you guys are doing it well at a very young age!and i your second album RIOT!,you guys had improved a lot.you guys had become a real band instead of just a teenage band that hardly caught attention from the public.in my opinion,your second album is way much better than your first album.and for your information,misery business had received a lot of airplay form Malaysia's no 1 hit station,hitz.fm was doing so well and make it to the charts(although doesn't top the chart),i am so happy that you're getting more fans here.i've influenced my friends to listen to your songs and they seems to love it!and congratulations for your Grammy nominations for Best New Artist.you really deserved it!and i hope that you will continue making good music to color my day and i hope you can come and tour here(malaysia) someday in the future and i'll be glad if that happen!hope this new year bring a lot of good things to you guys and i love you!! From hanim(anym),16 Alor Star(such a very small town),Malaysia