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  1. I love them because of their passion and drive. A lot of bands make great music but they only make it because they are good at it and for the money. Paramore makes music because they love doing it, not because it's easy money in the bank. yeah the money is a perk, but just seeing them perform on stage, watching interviews, and just seeing them in the videos that they make/made especially in the Paramore gone crazy vids, you can tell that they are having fun and really truely love what they do and not simply because they know how to play guitar. They are a talented bunch of kids and it's awesome to see them or anyone in general do something that they love.
  2. Davesgrrl

    Favorite Hayley Picture Part 3

    Such an awesome pic! She is so cute!
  3. Davesgrrl

    Hayley's Height

    Hayley comes up to my shoulder, I'm a bit shy of 5'9. I think Josh is like 5'8 or something, he was a tad shorter than me, Jeremy was taller, zac was taller, and Jason (yeah remember him, lol) was the same height as me, Hunter (remember him too? lol) was also like my height (it was hard to determine though). I havent met Taylor so idk. I think the fact that Hayley is short just adds on to her amazingness. I mean no one would have ever guessed she would have such a powerful voice, and she's just adorable in general and her height adds to that as well. yay for Hayley's shortness! lol
  4. Davesgrrl

    Next Single

    Where the lines overlap is my educated guess. haha. Think. All the songs they usually sing before the album even drops become singles eventually. Like RIOT for instance, the first song that they sang live (excluding miz biz) was That's What you Get. granted it was their 3rd single, but it did become a single. And before BNE hit stores, they had already sung ignorance (single at the time), Where the lines overlap, and brick by boring brick. 2 of those are singles. So going off of this pattern...Where the lines overlap will be thier next single.
  5. Davesgrrl

    Hayley Younger Solo Deal?

    I believe that at one point between her band with Jeremy and the beginning of Paramore that she had demos by herself. She was never signed to any label before Paramore but she did at one point have a solo "career". Like Adore and all those demos were just her and not with Paramore. At least that is what I have been told.
  6. Davesgrrl

    Brick by boring brick video information :D

    yeah it's next to impossible with editing a music video and getting it on the air in the amount of time it has been since they filmed it. I'm guessing that it will be released mid to late december.
  7. Davesgrrl

    We Might Have already heard the next single.

    Brick by Boring Brick.....considering that it's on their myspace page and website along with Ignorance.
  8. Hey Guys. My boyfriend is trying to get a start in the music biz and I would greatly appreciate it if you take a look at his myspace page and listen to some of the songs he has posted. Also, add him!!! Thank you SOOOO much! I will love you forever! And tell your friends! http://www.myspace.com/superpowerstatus ^click^ I WILL GIVE YOU REPS OF HAPPINESS!!!!
  9. Davesgrrl

    Videos from Mesa Amphitheatre

    I was there!!
  10. Davesgrrl

    Miracle Outro

    Love it!
  11. Davesgrrl

    The Blends/Graphics/Avatars/Wallpapers Thread - part 3

    awesome sigs everyone! wish I had that kind of talent.
  12. Davesgrrl

    New fan video made by me

    I present you Paramore fan video 3 Hope you like! And feedback (good/bad) is always welcome. Also, check out my other videos, Paramore fan video 1 and 2. You can download them in the Paramorefans media section.
  13. Davesgrrl

    Unseen Pictures Thread

    haha I took that pic of Josh.