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    I thought i'd jump on the tv-show-thread-making-bandwagon that has occurred. I don't think i need to say anything about this show. Just watch it. IT HAS HUGH LAURIE IN IT WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT.
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    Florence and The Machine

    http://www.myspace.com/florenceandthemachinemusic basically, sort of checked her music out a while ago cause some song she did was on an advert. was just revisiting some of the bands i have as friends on myspace and stumbled back across. i find her voice fascinating. my ears are infatuated.
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    The Covers Thread

    cynic as i am, i have finally decided to embrace the "Musicians" subforum. ah, gracious me, i feel much better within myself all of a sudden. ...but yeah, i cover songs when i'm bored or avoiding coursework/revision (usually the latter) and alot of you probably do too so i thought i should make a thread so y'all can post them. yes. mine so far (i am in no way claiming to be any good, by the way, it's just something ido): paramore pressure decode misery business (acoustic) hallelujah conspiracy all we know emergency Funeral for a friend all the rage roses for the dead recovery monsters Chiodos baby you wouldn't last one minute on the creek jimmy eat world sweetness
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    ' i'm pretty sure its new zealand actually, sorry to burst your bubble homebrew
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    i well fancy a big mac now.
  7. just because they were manufactured doesn't mean they were fakes. they still made the music we love, they were still the people in the interviews and backstage videos and meet and greets that we love. sure it sucks they're not a 'real' i-struggled-so-hard-in-my-garage-doing-lines-of-coke-until-i-cried-and-the-music-poured-out-of-my-eye-sockets kind of band but they were so young - it's kinda unlikely they ever 'made it' without help anyway. i'm pissed if that entry is real (which i know you guys are convinced it is, i'm just not, it seems too catty) but do you know what. AWKIF is still a banging album.
  8. Jorgi

    It's Christmas!

    holy. fucking. shit. "only once" ? like you expect it to occur more than once, or like, ever ? dude. i'm clearly doing the whole daughter thing wrong.
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    Satelite Image of UK

    stoked. i'm off to cardiff. via cross-country skis.
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    Rant Thread - Part 5

    So i was going to complain about the snow. ....Nahhh it's all gone now, stoked. I was also going to complain about something else but i've now gotten sidetracked and the new forum skin is so adorable i don't think i could be angry about anything right now.
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    One Direction

    your friends need to change their band name. immediately. i don't care who had it first. it's for their own good, trust me.
  12. Jorgi

    The Accent Thread

    So come on, who's actually going to do this ?! Post a video or a sound bite of you talking. About anything. Anything at all. It can be actual utter rubbish, i just want to hear your accents because i love them. All of them (especially Irish ones). Yeeesss !
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    Happy Birthday Kailey!

    legal. just sayin.
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    best. freakin. episode. yet. i swear i was laughing from the beginning and didn't really stop the whole way through, i love brittany so hard. and britneybrittany is hot, just sayin'. IT'S A BRITNEY SPEARS SEX RIOT.
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    Who's good with cars?

    citroen ax all the way. bumpers stuck on with duct tape is optional but preferable if you want. to. look. like a boss.
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    dude your mouth is huge, how many tennis balls can you fit in there ? i don't know, i've never had balls in my mouth
  17. Jorgi

    The Pope visiting the UK

    now really, though. i'm not a fan of the pope either, but that's a bit of a crap argument. membership of the hitler youth was absolutely compulsory by the time the pope was 14, and at the height of Nazi success no less. Just because somebody was forced to join a disgusting branch of the nazi regime doesn't mean that he agreed with what they stood for. i'm not saying the catholic church did a lot to stop the nazis at the time, especially following the signing of the concordat, but considering the pope is now the pope i can assume that the final solution/euthenasia/murdering of the disabled/mentally ill etc. are all things a religious person such as the pope would be thoroughly against. i don't like the pope because he's basically the figurehead of everything i hate about religion. so you could hate him for that, or disrespect him for his taste in music or his stupid popemobile - but refusing to acknowledge anyone because of what they were forced to do when they were 14 is a biiit ridiculous. just sayin'.
  18. Jorgi

    The pretty reckless

    Checked out this album earlier from pure curiosity, and you know what ? I don't hate it. I have to keep reminding myself not to care about the fact she's 16 or whatever, and she will forever by cindy-lou from the grinch to me which makes some of the shit she sings about kinda ridiculous really... but again, i don't hate it, at all. Who'd have thunk...
  19. Jorgi

    Doctor Who

    Re-read my posts. Scrap everything i said that was even nearly negative about matt smith. i want to have his babies. relevant - there was a dr who exhibition at the "museum" (it's a museum but the size of a cupboard) near my street the other week. With a 7ft Dalek. life was made.
  20. Jorgi

    The Accent Thread

    Hahahaa hell to the yes, i'll completely do an Australian one (although i don't want to offend the ozzies with how bad it'll inevitably be). Faith and Kayleigh, you need to post up the english accent vids !
  21. Jorgi

    Hot People Thread - Part 2

    pipe down, the man is a fine wine. jOrGi aNd BeCkzZzZz 4EvA LuLzZ xXxXxXx
  22. Jorgi

    Post Your Desktop..

    ^that is siiiiiick also, i spy with my little eye something beginning with alex robertson... chortle
  23. Jorgi

    Hot People Thread - Part 2

    I'M SORRY. IIIIIII'M SORRY. what planet are you from ? i mean, each to their own tastes for real, but disgusting? the man is a god.
  24. Jorgi

    Hot People Thread - Part 2

    FUCK. ME. be still my beating heart
  25. Jorgi

    The Covers Thread

    mee-fucking-ow, someone get a saucer of milk over here stat