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  1. Komomaan

    Jimmy Eat World

    I searched and was surprised there wasn't a thread for this amazing band. So, discuss. They are my favorite band with para and I'm going to see them in a month in Brussels. Can't wait...
  2. Komomaan


    There is no freaking 24 thread! Come on! They've maded history first. They had a black president, a real one! And they'll have a female president, the first one. Seriously, I just watched the trailer for 24: Redemption and I'll defo be streaming that the day or week after. JACK BAUER.
  3. Komomaan


    If I was a serial killer I would be just like him. Who else watches this oh so brilliant show?
  4. Komomaan

    Secret Santa/Mix Tape

    I'd like to make a digital mixtape!
  5. Komomaan

    Tegan and Sara

  6. Komomaan

    Cobra Starship

    If Family Force 5 is supporting I am not that disappointed they are not coming over here.
  7. Komomaan

    Confession Thread - Part 8

    I confess I won't sleep that much this weekend.
  8. Komomaan

    Tegan and Sara

  9. Komomaan

    I wonder....

    I wonder if you remember me.
  10. Komomaan


    There also a date in Finland, Sweden, three in Germany and one in The Netherlands up on the last.fm events, here. It seems legit. I hope a Belgian date follows and it doesn't coincide with my exams, again.
  11. Komomaan

    LOOK! She screams remedy

    I was listening to some music earlier and your song Allegoria came up and I had mistaken it for Underoath. How's that for a compliment?
  12. Komomaan

    Favorites (:

    Favorite movie: The Squid And The Whale Favorite song: 23 by Jimmy Eat World Favorite sport: none Favorite actor/actress: Michael C. Hall / Zooey Deschanel Favorite food/drink: Mexican food / Lipton Green Favorite country: Denmark Favorite tv show: Dexter Favorite thing in your house: Computer, tv and couch
  13. Komomaan

    Happy birthday Judy!(jaseyyann)

    I know, haha.
  14. Komomaan

    Nsync or the Backstreet Boys?

    *NSYNC, because they made Bye, Bye, Bye.
  15. Komomaan

    Happy birthday Judy!(jaseyyann)

    I'm so late, ha. Happy birthday!
  16. Komomaan

    Awkward Moments...

    I'm a socially awkward penguin.
  17. Komomaan

    Cobra Starship

    She owns like everyone of them.
  18. Komomaan

    Cobra Starship

    I don't know why Cobra Starship keeps getting these additional (lame) female vocalists when they have someone like Victoria.
  19. Komomaan


    I'm having so much Underoath moods lately. It's fun.
  20. Komomaan

    Where the hell is Matt?

    I took me more than a minute to realize it was all the same guy. I want to get in touch with his sponsor. I want to travel the world too and I can do silly things.
  21. Komomaan

    Words do not describe...

    That's horrible. My condolences to you and your family and your brother's friends.
  22. Komomaan

    Your Current Obsession Part 2

    Couch, tea and movies.
  23. Komomaan

    Who have you seen live?

    I would kill to see JEW at my uni.
  24. Komomaan

    A Bit Of A Personal Poll: How Far Have You Gone?

    I'm a virgin if that interests you. I'm not in a hurry.