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    c/o 2010 im loud and funny have alot of friends but not a big people person
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  1. LovelyLivi

    Avatars, Graphics, Blends, Photos Requests - Part 3

    ok thank you :]
  2. LovelyLivi

    Avatars, Graphics, Blends, Photos Requests - Part 3

    I'm not sure what pictures I want or how I want it to look so have a blast but can somebody make me a Kings of Leon wallpaper a little bigger than 1024X768 and have it say the bands name and these quotes: "So we dance all night and dance all day" and "Off in the night while you live it up I'm off to sleep. Waging wars to shake the poet and the beat" please and thank you.
  3. LovelyLivi

    Taking Woodstock.

    Yup Emile Hirsch :]
  4. LovelyLivi

    Ignorance Video Shoot

    Oh makes sense. I hate Wiki though.
  5. LovelyLivi

    Ignorance Video Shoot

    I liked it. The lightbulb was weird though. Hayley looked fab, I liked her top. Not the best video ever though.
  6. LovelyLivi


    The movie was quite suckish. Craig and Manny's songs were cool though.
  7. LovelyLivi

    Taking Woodstock.

    Uhm pretty much it's about this guy Elliot[who wrote the book] who found out that the place where the concert was to be held lost its permit so he calls Woodstock Ventures and offers them a location on a farm in NY and Woodstock begins :]
  8. Amo un individuo che ha mosso a Inghilterra e data un'altra ragazza. È triste.
  9. LovelyLivi

    Taking Woodstock.

    So has anybody else read the book or want to see the movie? Like I'm so excited for it that it's ridiculous.
  10. LovelyLivi

    Last movie or DVD you watched

    Julie & Julia
  11. LovelyLivi

    The Infamous Spam Thread - Part 15

    yeah I know but I dont know which tool.
  12. LovelyLivi

    The Infamous Spam Thread - Part 15

    okie doke I couldnt think of where else to put this. can anybody tell me how to remove water marks from pictures?
  13. LovelyLivi

    Avatars, Graphics, Blends, Photos Requests - Part 3

    whoops I guess I should have put quotations around what I was saying all " wanted it to say was "True Blood" but other then that its perfect.
  14. LovelyLivi

    Avatars, Graphics, Blends, Photos Requests - Part 3

    thanks in advance then and here you go but, can you flip it so they are facing right instead of left and have it say true blood other then that have fun :] you can mess with the size of it as well. http://static.tvguide.com/MediaBin/Galleries/Shows/S_Z/Tq_Tz/TrueBlood/season1/true-blood14.jpg