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  1. thegreenmansaid

    #1 ON TRLLL

  2. thegreenmansaid

    In October, ive gotta do my GCSE Music

    Hahaha. My friend took GCSE music last year. She hated it. Especially the performance bit. But she ended up doing really well, and apparently last year's exam was the hardest in history, so for those of you taking it this year, you should be glad. Lol. Since I'm not a great musicianist I'm not sure how to aid you, but all I can say is, perform something safe. Not something you can sometimes hit the right notes on. But thats all I can really say. Haha. =) Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great.
  3. thegreenmansaid

    Kerrang! Review Astoria gig

    Exactly!! WTH? HSM is...not..ugggh. I can't even describe it.
  4. thegreenmansaid

    Who would win in a singing contest Hayley or Avril

    ^ =) Agreed. This thread is a little bit beyond the point of Hayley vs. Avril I think. If people think Avril has a better voice, it doesn't mean they're not a fan of Paramore, or that they're weird, it just means that Avril sounds better to THEM. Theres no point in arguing about it. They have different styles, and so depending on which one appeals to you the most, its all subjective.
  5. thegreenmansaid

    New Found Glory

    ^ I AGREEEE!! I'm already in love with King of Wishful Thinking, Love Fool, and Crazy for You. Oh, and Iris and Kiss Me. Of course. I can't wiat!!! 1 MORE DAAAAAY! ...until I can download it. Haha.
  6. thegreenmansaid

    new single is...

    Aww...I was hoping it'd be Thats What You Get too. Crushcrushcrush is too...summery. Once it gets overplayed, people are gonna start disliking it more and more. Oh well, I hope it does really well anyway. =)
  7. thegreenmansaid

    Funeral For A Friend

    Hahaha, yess I am!! Well, I'm into more of their old stuff, but the concert really changed my mind about that. hahaha. I'm just photoshopping some of the pictures. The lighting effects were crazy and half the pictures are red. Lol.
  8. thegreenmansaid

    Funeral For A Friend

    The concert last night was AMAZING. The set was pretty short, but they played a whole bunch of their old songs. (From what I can remember) They played Juneau, Bullet Theory, Escape Artists Never Die, She Drove Me To Daytime Television, Into Oblivion, Streetcar, Roses For The Dead, Walk Away, and The Great Wide Open. And they thanked us for waiting for them for 5 years.. Bless those bearded men. Haha. I'll post pictures in a few.
  9. thegreenmansaid

    Funeral For A Friend

    I'm seeing them tonight!!! Yesss!! I hope they play stuff off Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation though. Cos the only new song I really really like is Into Oblivion. AAAAHHHHHHHH! So excited!! Weee! I'm gonna tie my camera around my ankle and hopefully the security won't be too bad since its in a pub. I hope there's merch!! Ahhhh!! *jumps up and down*
  10. thegreenmansaid

    MEET AND GRILL PARAMORE! competition

    Awww...that sounds awesome! Its cool you got to meet them! =) Haha. And its even cooler that Josh comes on here quite often. Were you allowed to take pictures and stuff?
  11. thegreenmansaid

    #8 On TRL

    ...NUMBER 1!! ALL THE WAY!!! Haha. Lets do it guys!
  12. thegreenmansaid


    Haha. Atleast you know you always have a fall back plan. Weston. Haha. Nice. Sherri and Chad are so cute together. Hahaha. Her pictures make me laughh.
  13. thegreenmansaid


    Hahahaha. Stacy's the only single one now right? Woowweee. Haha.
  14. thegreenmansaid


    Ohh, sorry. I should've looked more closely. My bad. Hahaha well... Eisley girls ARE known to find potential suiters in the bands they're touring with. Might wanna start playing an instrument right about now. Hahaha.
  15. thegreenmansaid


    Anybody spot Zac in Sherri DuPree (Gilbert?)'s diary thing? She mentions Paramore a couple times eariler on as well. So awesome. Sorry if this has been posted btw. I searched for it but I didn't find anything do to with the Pmore references.