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    Cities We Sleep In (Birmingham, UK)

    We posted some demos! www.facebook.com/citieswesleepin Also, we've been confirmed to play with Atlas&I and Evarose on the 22nd June. Chec out Evarose:
  2. the1

    Hayley on the cover of Cosmo

    Can't believe the reaction this is getting on Absolutepunk.net. Complete idiots.
  3. the1


    Not surprised that they co-wrote for the full-length. Shame about Ant though. Oh well, as long as Perceptions exists, that's fine!
  4. the1

    Cities We Sleep In (Birmingham, UK)

    I see the future...it's Flood Of Red, Twin Atlantic, Futures and CWSI...on the same bill. *pssst make it happen*
  5. Taylor Swift can go suck a dick, or two. Dirty whore...
  6. Wait...you honestly think one little girl could turn around a whole marketing campaign? lol
  7. So.... thinking about this, it's apparent that this has only become a problem with age. I'm leaning towards Josh's side (although if Hayley sucks, why did they date? If the situation sucked, why wait 3 albums? etc.) but, as has been said, they were KIDS when this all started. They probably didn't know any better. Yeah, I think it's just said that what so many kids probably saw as the first "genuine" band they got into isn't really that way. And for all of those saying "Yeah but they still played small shows etc.", this was planned. This could have been prevented if they'd just come out swinging as a major label act. But, at the end of the day, Hayley is a fucking cash cow that's gonna be milked dry- she's a business dream. A cute, religious-but-not-overtly, young girl that manages to upstand all of America's moral values whilst wearing the right band tees to wear on a Warped stage and a face pretty enough to whore all over TV and magazines. Fuck, a label would be stupid NOT to take advantage of her. Nonetheless, they are all talented individuals and I wish them all the best, but let's not get too heated about it. It's just a band...
  8. Aaaaaaannnnnndddd it's all a lie. Oh well.
  9. The problem is that, whatever they do, there will be thousands of people watching and scrutinising it. So yeah, I see them maybe doing writing for films etc, or maybe the other side of the music business. Anyway, guess I should offer my thanks to Josh and Zac for being huge inspirations and being part of the band that got me into the music I love know. Forever grateful.
  10. Wish these dudes the best in the future. Maybe this is a good thing. Josh and Zac could do musical stuff (although I think Zac could go the role of enginerr or producer) and Paramore will carry on- 2 musical awesomes!!
  11. the1

    Cities We Sleep In (Birmingham, UK)

    If you want to book us a show and pay for us to get there lol But, honestly, when we can, we will.
  12. the1

    Cities We Sleep In (Birmingham, UK)

    Okay, we are playing a couple of dates in birmingham! Check our Myspaz in a couple of weeks!! None of you will be there...but let's give 2 cheers for us finally getting out there haha
  13. the1

    The Confession Thread - Pt. 11

    I confess I just had a little Paramore circa 2006 revisit and am getting a little too nostalgic for my own good!
  14. the1

    Cities We Sleep In (Birmingham, UK)

    Hello PF dude(ette)s. We are tracking drums tomorrow, Guitars/Bass on Wednesday, and vocals Thursday. Mmmm!