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  1. [pakou] mua


    ahaha youre lame.
  2. [pakou] mua


    ahh i love'em. im wearing the hoodie right now, it's keeping me warm in school, cause the school doesn't really turn on the heaters.
  3. [pakou] mua


    has anyone heard of blessthefall from arizona? they were just on tour with norma jean and the radio rebellion tour...i missed the show because my parents wouldn't let me go...but i'll see them sooner or later...you should check them out http://www.myspace.com/blessthefall and come to the fan site on myspace.com/blessthefallxfans by me...so join please! llamaxcore lovin let's get naked! -btf
  4. [pakou] mua


    old or new singer it doesn't bother me...i just fell in love with their current album especially with you're not alone and well practically the whole album, and i love the acoustic songs too...saosin was just in my town like 4 days ago...i didn't get to see them but when they come to town im fur sure going
  5. [pakou] mua


    wow...i don't remember the last time i logged on to pf.com but last time i checked on the underoath one there was only 3 pages...now there's 23! wow..ahaha...come visit me on myspace.com/underoathxfans ok! im getting lonly on there cause no one writes anymore or comments...but im working on a new layout for it...kinda...but im keeping people posted on underoath...and hopefully next year when they come i'll have something planned for them. so i'll keep you guys posted on underØATH Fans. -pakou
  6. [pakou] mua


    i love promise by spoken! i was debating of getting their cd but i didn't get it...dang it was on sale at sam goody too
  7. [pakou] mua


    i've heard of them before...they were on the nail cd of mixed artists...they're pretty good and i didn't know that they broke up =(
  8. [pakou] mua

    What was the last show you went to?

    dork you went to hawk nelson last ================================== my last show was paramore, my ameican heart, so they say, and halifax back in feb. =(
  9. [pakou] mua


    hey! go and add underØATH Fans! http://www.myspace.com/underoathxfans
  10. [pakou] mua

    What song is stuck in your head?

    i have so sick by flyleaf stuck in my head
  11. [pakou] mua

    my american heart

    so last night they playted the first date on their tour with the audition...and i was sad cause i couldn't go last night...so i wrote to dustin that i wish i was there and he replied back that he i was i was there too =D gahh i love dustin...he's a babe =D
  12. [pakou] mua

    Flee The Seen

    their ok...it's just that i think the chick can't really sing...but that's just my opinion
  13. [pakou] mua

    What song is stuck in your head?

    i have she wants revenge stuck in my head...i was listening to them this morning as i was getting ready for school =P
  14. [pakou] mua

    What song is stuck in your head?

    i've got so sick by flyleaf and You are my king (amazing love) by newsboys stuck in my head
  15. [pakou] mua


    FLYLEAF is awesome! i've seen ad's of them in a few of my magazines like a couple of months ago but i really didn't take the time to listen to them until yesterday and im planning to go buy their cd soon the lead singer and the band in a way reminds me of paramore =D